RV Parks

A Recreational Vehicle park (also known as an RV Park), is a place where people can stay overnight in their RV’s. Depending on where you’re from, an RV Park can also be referred to as a caravan park, holiday park, trailer park or motor camp.

Many parks offer full-hookups, which means there is water, power and sewer services available at each campsite. Some parks offer partial hookups, which excludes one or two of the three services. Dry camping is an option for RV’s that are self contained and don’t require any utilities.

RV parks vary greatly, from resorts to rustic campgrounds. RV Resorts take camping to the next level, offering many amenities including swimming pools, laundry facilities, fitness centers and planned activities.

Usually, if the name of an RV Park includes the word campground, the facility can also accommodate tent campers. Some RV parks even have cabins for travelers who don’t have an RV or a tent.