Best Camping in State Parks

State Parks

While national parks get all of the attention, there is another type of park that is often overlooked when deciding where to camp for the night: state parks. Every state in the United States has a state park system, and most are managed to provide recreational opportunities and to protect the scenic and ecological value of natural areas.

Many state park systems also develop and run campgrounds for tenters and RVers. Curious to know more about these hidden gems? Read on.

What are state park campgrounds like?

State park campgrounds vary greatly from state to state. Some states are known for their particularly spectacular parks, including Michigan, Washington, California, Oregon, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and New York.

State park campgrounds are usually popular with those who live nearby. It is not unusual to stay at a park and be surrounded by license plates from that state or to find the group camping area filled with a local Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop. These parks are great places for residents to spend a weekend relaxing and enjoying time with their families. Because of this, it is important to reserve a campsite in advance or call ahead of your arrival to see if there is availability. Many campgrounds are quick to fill, especially in busy summer months and on holiday weekends.

Campgrounds are typically designed similarly to those found in national parks, with a bit of space between sites and a focus on scenic beauty and proximity to recreation.

What amenities are at state park campgrounds?

Most park campgrounds can accommodate standard sized campers, but those with big rigs should call ahead to ensure they can fit into a space and access the park without damage to their camper.

State park campgrounds may offer amenities such as dump stations, water, electricity, and bathrooms with showers. These amenities vary widely by location, so it is always wise to check the amenities on Campendium before arriving or making a reservation.

Where can I find state park camping?

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