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18 reviews

Dakota Hot Springs

Penrose, CO

“It was clothing optional day”

Reviewed Jun 28, 2017

Well, we were driving to somewhere we hadn't decided yet and we wanted to stop but this part of Colorado lacks the free camping we are accustomed to. My partner saw this hot springs across the road and we were like yeah! Let's do it! It's not... more

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10 reviews

Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post

Albuquerque, NM

“Good spot out of ABQ”

Reviewed Jun 28, 2017

My husband and I were trying to stay in Santa Fe for a few nights but everything was booked. We landed here because of the passport America deal. The man at the counter was nice and helpful. The park had some mature trees but a lot of spots only... more

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10 reviews

Mountain Meadows RV Park

Tularosa, NM

“Spacious park with excellent views ”

Reviewed Jun 28, 2017

Spent 5 nights here and loved it. The park was huge, plenty of space to park and spread out. There was a nice grass area in the middle with a patio to BBQ at. There was also a laundry room and showers. The park is kept up nice and the spots are... more

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