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383 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

Mogollon Rim Road Payson, AZ
386 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Closed. "

Road is closed to allow land to recover. Watch for the very small brown signs along the rim Road. There are other offshoots that are closed as well. Signs aren’t obvious.

387 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Nice looking... for a campground "

I don’t do campgrounds. But I did drive by this one and through it. Looks quite nice, nine sites, heavily treed, the grassy meadow right next to it. It is right beside the gravel road which people do flyby on, so there will probably be some... Read more

600 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Perplexed by the reviews"

So glad we scouted this spot before dragging our trailers here. It was a total “no way”. Bummer too, because I was excited about this newly listed location, right off of I 70, nowhere else workable to boondock very near that area. From the... Read more

889 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"VERY sandy area- beware of getting stuck"

I am surprised more people aren't commenting about the sand. I DO have a 4wd Raptor. It's more than capable of pulling my light 4400 lb trailer. However, when I arrived, (and I thought the pin of the coordinates was the only road, not... Read more

889 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Coyotes, trash, lake, poop, views, lots of spots to choose from"

My subject line pretty much sums it up. The views, especially if you park in a good spot, can be really pretty, vast, and water views are great. The trash. Come on, people. I am guessing it's the locals doing it MUCH more than the temporary... Read more

992 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Eh. "

I'd stay again if I had to. There's really nowhere else around to choose from that I see that has cell service. Ok, the road in is D-U-S-T-Y. So is the place itself. I mean, it wasn't necessarily blowing all around, but the dogs' feet got... Read more

Middle Fork Flathead River Columbia Falls, MT
1030 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Just checked it out. I won't be camping here. "

Drove to this place to see if it would be workable. Definitely not for moi. First, there's a THREE-day stay limit. Not my style. Second, the road in. I would very likely drag my trailer butt, and POSSIBLY even get stuck or bend something... Read more

1042 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Small spot, ants, lots of plant bits will get stuck in your shoes and in your dog/s."

This spot is small. The host says you could fit 'a hundred' rigs in here, but if that were even possible, it would look like any typical RV sales lot. I'd say it would only be comfortable with 6 or 7 rigs here before I'm looking into my neighbor's... Read more

1068 days ago

Rv Chickadee 52 reviews

"Snakes, Snakes, and more Rattlesnakes!!!"

IF you read my headline, you already know that we encountered a ton of snakes here. No less than TEN rattlesnakes in about a week. Other than that, I would have given it 5 stars. I'd only camp here again during a time when the snakes aren't out.... Read more
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Mogollon Rim Road
Payson, AZ
"Closed. "
"Nice looking... for a campground "
"Perplexed by the reviews"
"VERY sandy area- beware of getting stuck"
"Coyotes, trash, lake, poop, views, lots of spots to choose from"
"Eh. "
Middle Fork Flathead River
Columbia Falls, MT
"Just checked it out. I won't be camping here. "
"Small spot, ants, lots of plant bits will get stuck in your shoes and in your dog/s."
"Snakes, Snakes, and more Rattlesnakes!!!"
"Most spots are quite small. You're going to be on top of your neighbor"
"Wonderful spot for checking our Flagstaff or for skiing on the mountain."
Miners Canyon Dispersed Camping
Saratoga Springs, UT
"Gorgeous view, can be buggy and trash everywhere. Small area."
"Locals love this spot- VERY crowded in summer. LOTS of unattended dogs."
"Good enough internet. Spacious."
"Oops, I didn't check internet before setting up"
"TONS of FLIES, but excellent view and spacious"
Love's Travel Stop
Gila Bend, AZ
"$10, no potable "
"Gorgeous views, but a long way down sometimes washboard road"
Forest Road 260
Bend, OR
"Super dust, close to Bend though"
"Easy to get in and out... lots of spots, dusty but hey. "
"Excellent boondocking near Salida!"
"Seriously one of the most scenic spots you can find. "
Wolcott Campground
Edwards, CO
"Found nearby boondocking, so don't need this place anymore"
"Loved the area, but not the town so much. "
Heaton Bay Campground
Silverthorne, CO
"One of my favorite areas of Colorado but not any boondocking nearby. "
Crested Butte RV Dump Station
Crested Butte, CO
"Closed for season. When is season?"
Wedge Overlook
Emery, UT
"The Perfect Campsite"
Oak Flat Campground
Castaic, CA
"Well, We Had To Call The Cops. Other Than That..."
"Don't use Apple maps to get here from the west..."
Borrego Springs, CA
"Useable internet with ATT. Open. Interesting topography around."
"Only one of my favorite boondocking spots ever."
"Perfect for a getaway"
"Great internet and very pretty"
"Well maintained with river access"
"Don't come here if it's windy! Otherwise, it may have sufficed."
Targhee Creek Trailhead
Island Park, ID
"Small but decent view and spot for hitting Yellowstone"
"It did the job! Free, with a donation box"
"Perfect spot to get away but still be able to wander around Moab"
Kofa View
Quartzsite, AZ
"Super remote boondocking. Flat. Quiet. Somewhat scenic."
"Awesome quiet area with stunning views all around! AND, Forrest Gump..."
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Twin Peaks Campground: Much better than the show!

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