Wedge Overlook
Emery, UT
"Simply stunning!"
Jordanelle State Park
Heber City, UT
"Mixed site quality but overall a nice campground"
Spruces Campground
Salt Lake City, UT
"A nice wooded campground not far from Salt Lake City"
Riverside RV Park
Boise, ID
"It's all about the Greenbelt access"
Salmon River #2
Stanley, ID
"Dusty, but close to the river and Redfish Lake"
Lake Creek Road
Ketchum, ID
"Scenic and free!"
Boundary Campground
Sun Valley, ID
"A small campground with easy access to town and trails"
"A unique experience among a fascinating landscape"
"Teton views and hiking galore!"
Clear Creek RV Park
Golden, CO
"A small city park convenient to town"
Rabbit Ears Pass West
Steamboat Springs, CO
"Free mountain living close to town"
Sweetwater Events Complex
Rock Springs, WY
"Convenient and clean"
Forest Road 281
Irwin, ID
"Rivers, trees, and trails! "
"Lake views!"
"The only game in town"
"Convenient overnight stop near I-40"
Petit Jean State Park
Morrilton, AR
"Beautiful park with an amazing waterfall!"
Gulpha Gorge Campground
Hot Springs National Park, AR
"Creekside camping at its finest! "
"A small state park with cool caverns!"
"Lovely campground with lots of activites"
"Small campground with interesting history"
"A convenient spot to spend the night"
DuPuis Campground
Indiantown, FL
"Free camping on the edge of a classic Florida forest"
"Convenient location, Good Price, No Ambiance"
"Small, forested campground overlooking the Neuse River "
Mohegan Sun Casino
Uncasville, CT
"Bring lots of leveling blocks!"
"Not perfect, but lots of potential"
"Great location, okay campground"
"A state park with full hook-ups, extensive traills, and a beautiful pond!"
Coastal Acres Camping Court
Provincetown, MA
"It's all about the location"
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Blog Posts

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Camping on the Edge at Utah's Little Grand Canyon - WatsonsWander

Thanks so much for all the comments and emails in regards to the new blog format. It’s nice to hear from so many bloggers and readers who understand and support the need for change.  Sunday, Sep...

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Biking, Beer & More Biking in Boise - WatsonsWander

A trip to Idaho’s capital city had been on our minds all summer. After reading multiple blog posts and seeing Instagram photos from so many of our RVing friends it looked like a place we would e...

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Lava & Ice at Craters of the Moon - WatsonsWander

I’ve decided one of the reasons I’m drawn to western states is because of the incredible geologic diversity you can see simply by driving a few hours. I suppose part of it has to do with the lar...

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Teton Canyon Boondocking - WatsonsWander

For the next stop on our Idaho summer tour, we went east into Wyoming. Wait…what? Let me explain. From our previous spot on the Idaho/Wyoming border, we wanted to head west to explore more of th...

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Helloooo Colorado! - WatsonsWander

I have a bad habit of longing to be wherever I am not. If we’re in the desert I long for the forest, if we’re in the mountains I long for the coast, if we’re in a city I long for wide open space...

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Return to Rabbit Ears Pass - WatsonsWander

Sometimes even the most beautiful locations can be clouded by bad memories. You know the kind of bad memories that involve a mama mouse setting up shop inside your RV and having a litter of (at...

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Starting Our Idaho Summer Off Right - WatsonsWander

After spending last summer on the east coast where planning and reservations are a must, this year we’re taking a completely opposite approach. Instead of planning out each stop and making reser...

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Weekend at Stockton Lake - WatsonsWander

After a week in the city, we were in need of some nature. Maybe even the kind of nature that involves a water view and a nearly deserted campground? Fortunately, Missouri has no shortage of lake...

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Swinging Through Springfield, MO - WatsonsWander

I’ve never viewed the middle of the country as a travel destination. It’s always seemed too flat, too boring, and frankly, too wholesome and close-minded to be a place where I wanted to spend mu...

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Back to Nature at Petit Jean State Park - WatsonsWander

When we first started talking about our spring journey from Florida to the western side of the country, Arkansas was high on the list. For several years we’ve been hearing rumors of green valley...

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Hot Springs National Park - WatsonsWander

This is the first time we’ve visited a town that is also a national park. Or maybe it’s a national park that is also a town? To make matters even more complicated even though all of Hot Springs...

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Florida Caverns State Park - WatsonsWander

For our last stay in Florida, we went north. All the way north into the panhandle and then west until we were right near the Alabama border at Florida Caverns State Park. A few years ago we spen...

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Hillsborough River State Park - WatsonsWander

As we head north through Florida this spring there are many places we want to visit. Places where we can paddle around crystal clear springs and swim with manatees. Places where the bike trails...

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Koreshan State Park - WatsonsWander

If someone told you that the entire universe existed inside a giant hollow sphere with the sun at the center and a centrifugal force holding us in place…and oh yeah — do you want to join my fled...

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Another Southern City: Charleston, SC - WatsonsWander

Another charming southern cityAnother southern city checked off the list. Well, maybe not totally and definitively checked off since we were only there for 24 hours. But I think we’d be safe in...

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Free Florida Camping at the DuPuis WEA - WatsonsWander

In the land of high priced beachside resorts and public parks overstuffed with campers, is free Florida camping really a thing? I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself, but I can now confi...

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Through the Carolinas and into Florida - WatsonsWander

With Thanksgiving over and done we had one final obligation before we were free to head south to be snowbirds in Florida for the winter. The final obligation was our yearly trip to Charlotte, NC...

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Beaches, Mansions & Snow (!!!) in Rhode Island and Connecticut - WatsonsWander

After our two weeks on the Cape, we decided to keep the coastal theme going with a week long stay in Rhode Island. This state is probably most well known for its famous southern coastline and bu...

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Falling Leaves and Family Fun in Delaware - WatsonsWander

Our timing has been off for optimum fall foliage viewing this year. We left Vermont just as the leaves were starting to turn, saw only a bit of color on the Cape and in Rhode Island, and then by...

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More Cape Cod: The Provincetown Edition - WatsonsWander

If you go all the way out to the very tip of Cape Cod, all the way to where the land curls in on itself and the sea swirls on all sides, you will find Provincetown. This historic town is where p...

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Nickerson State Park - WatsonsWander

Over the years we’ve developed a somewhat conflicted relationship with popular tourist destinations. On one hand, we want to visit those ultra-popular national parks like Zion, Yellowstone, and...

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The Great Canadian Road Trip - Part 2 - WatsonsWander

We recently traveled from Minnesota to Maine by way of Canada. We had ten days to complete the trip which we hoped would give us enough time to combine short drive days with fun stuff like hikin...

Thumb dsc02068 001
The Great Canadian Road Trip - Part 1 - WatsonsWander

We’re currently traveling from Minnesota to Maine by way of Canada. We have ten days to complete the trip which should give us enough time to combine short drive days with fun stuff like hiking...

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Voyageurs National Park - WatsonsWander

We had the most amazing last week in Minnesota. Our route took us all the way up the northern edge of the state where Lake Kebetogama meets Voyagers National Park. There’s not a lot of RV campin...

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More Minnesota Lakes - WatsonsWander

More Minnesota Lakes Four more Minnesota lakes to be exact. First we finished up our second week at Cass Lake. Our original site was already reserved, so we moved a few sites down to...

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Lakeside Living at Cass Lake - WatsonsWander

Lakeside Living at Cass Lake June 2, 2016 | Cass Lake | 5 Comments Nothing says summer like lakeside living. Cass Lake About a month ago we remembere...

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Heading East Across North Dakota - WatsonsWander

Heading East Across North Dakota May 27, 2016 | Glyndon, MN | 6 Comments We broke up the long drive across North Dakota with two stops. The first at a smal...

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park - WatsonsWander

There was a time when I thought North Dakota would be the last state we visited. Not because we had anything against this vast northern state, but let’s face it, North Dakota is not really on th...

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Welcome to Wyoming - WatsonsWander

We don’t follow many hard and fast rules when it comes to driving days. We don’t avoid rainy weather days, we don’t always stick to the 200 mile or under rule, and we often arrive late in the da...

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One Week in Colorado - WatsonsWander

One week in Colorado is not enough. With mountains to climb, ski towns to visit, ghost towns to explore, lakes to paddle, and wildflowers to admire, how could one week ever be enough? In the pas...

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