Schoolhouse Campground
Camptonville, CA
"A wooded campground with easy lake access"
Glory Hole Recreation Area
Angels Camp, CA
"Quiet, scenic lakeside camping"
"Camping in the Trees!"
Horse Creek Campground
Lemon Cove, CA
"Lakeside camping...but watch out for rising water in the spring"
Sequoia Campground & Lodge
Three Rivers, CA
"Typical RV Park with Easy Access To Sequoia National Park"
Paradise Cove Campground
Lake Isabella, CA
"A nice spot near the lake but probably not so nice when busy"
Auxiliary Dam Campground
Lake Isabella, CA
"Free lakeside camping! "
"Okay for a stopover but not much else"
"Oceanside! "
Twin Hollows Canyon
Mount Carmel, UT
"Nice spot, but could be busy with hunters in fall"
Lees Ferry Campground
Marble Canyon, AZ
"A nice surprise along the Colorado River!"
Watchman Campground
Hurricane, UT
"National Park camping at its finest! "
Eureka Casino Resort
Mesquite, NV
"A parking lot on a hill"
Temple View RV Resort
St. George, UT
"Okay if you need to be in the area"
Palm Canyon
Quartzsite, AZ
"Desert Boondocking at its finest"
Lost Dutchman State Park
Apache Junction, AZ
"Site #120 is the best!"
Darby Well Road
Ajo, AZ
"Mountains, Cactus & Biking"
"Great views!"
Surf &Turf RV Park
Del Mar, CA
"A Small, Basic Campground in a fantastic location"
"It's all about that ocean view!"
San Clemente State Beach
San Clemente, CA
"Expensive Camping, Gorgeous Beach"
Wedge Overlook
Emery, UT
"Simply stunning!"
Jordanelle State Park
Heber City, UT
"Mixed site quality but overall a nice campground"
Spruces Campground
Salt Lake City, UT
"A nice wooded campground not far from Salt Lake City"
Riverside RV Park
Boise, ID
"It's all about the Greenbelt access"
Salmon River #2
Stanley, ID
"Dusty, but close to the river and Redfish Lake"
Lake Creek Road
Ketchum, ID
"Scenic and free!"
Boundary Campground
Sun Valley, ID
"A small campground with easy access to town and trails"
"A unique experience among a fascinating landscape"
"Teton views and hiking galore!"
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Blog Posts

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Schoolhouse Campground & Bullards Bar Reservoir - WatsonsWander

We continue our slow journey north with a long, winding drive along CA-49. This route covers the area famous for the gold rush of 1849 and every town we pass boasts relics of the past. The count...

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A Quiet Week at New Melones Lake - WatsonsWander

April 30 – May 5 Just like last summer, we’ve decided the best travel plans are those that we make up as we go along. So far our only commitment for the near future is the Northwest String Sum...

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Kings Canyon National Park - WatsonsWander

April 22-29 While often referred to as King’s Canyon & Sequoia National Park, they are actually two separate parks connected by one road. One step, narrow and winding road where vehicles over 22...

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Hanging with the BIG trees at Sequoia National Park - WatsonsWander

April 14-21 We knew that we couldn’t stay inside Sequoia National Park due to the lack of cell service so we settled on the nice looking COE campground called Horse Creek in the town of Three...

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A Taste of the Sierras at Lake Isabella - WatsonsWander

March 31 – April 13 After six weeks on the Southern California coast, we were more than ready to head to the mountains. But with snow and freezing temps lingering at higher elevations we had to...

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More State Beaches: Doheny & Point Mugu - WatsonsWander

March 5-14 Over the past week and a half, we stayed at two more California state beach campgrounds, took many more beach walks, and put up with more rain. Since we got to the coast the weather...

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Mt. Carmel Junction - WatsonsWander

Sunday, October 22We’ve been going back and forth all week about where to go next. With plans to meet up with family in Zion National Park for Thanksgiving, we don’t want to stray too far from t...

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Thanksgiving in Zion National Park - WatsonsWander

This is our 6th Thanksgiving spent on the road. Every year we try to do something different. There was the Thanksgiving buffet in Las Vegas, Thanksgiving with friends in Las Vegas, Thanksgiving...

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A Great Start to the New Year - WatsonsWander

December 30 – January 13 We spent the first two weeks of 2018 hanging out in the desert surrounded by gorgeous scenery and great friends. With ample opportunities for hiking, biking, exploring...

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Lost Dutchman State Park - WatsonsWander

January 14-27 We are officially in winter mode. For us, that means longer stays in one spot, very little planning or making of reservations, fewer adventures, and more time spent at or near ho...

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Hanging with the Saguaros in Ajo - WatsonsWander

January 28 – February 3 We first visited the tiny town of Ajo, AZ way back in the winter of 2013. It was our first winter of full-time RVing and our first stop in Arizona where we promptly fel...

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More Cactus Love at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument - WatsonsWander

February 4-10 When a national monument is named for a very special cactus that only grows in a small corner of Arizona and Mexico, you know the scenery is going to be good. Oh yeah! Bring on t...

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Oh Hey There Pacific Ocean, It's Been While! - WatsonsWander

February 17-24 A funny thing happened a few weeks ago during the drive from Organ Pipe Cactus NM to Yuma. As we rolled west on I-8, signs that read, 250 miles to San Diego, 200 miles to San Di...

Thumb dsc02068 001
South Carlsbad & San Clemente State Beaches - WatsonsWander

February 25 – March 4 Almost immediately after changing course for the coast we started looking for open sites at the string of state beach campgrounds that line the southern California coast....

Thumb dsc02068 001
South Carlsbad & San Clemente State Beaches - WatsonsWander

February 25 – March 4 Almost immediately after changing course for the coast we started looking for open sites at the string of state beach campgrounds that line the southern California coast....

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Camping on the Edge at Utah's Little Grand Canyon - WatsonsWander

Thanks so much for all the comments and emails in regards to the new blog format. It’s nice to hear from so many bloggers and readers who understand and support the need for change.  Sunday, Sep...

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Biking, Beer & More Biking in Boise - WatsonsWander

A trip to Idaho’s capital city had been on our minds all summer. After reading multiple blog posts and seeing Instagram photos from so many of our RVing friends it looked like a place we would e...

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Lava & Ice at Craters of the Moon - WatsonsWander

I’ve decided one of the reasons I’m drawn to western states is because of the incredible geologic diversity you can see simply by driving a few hours. I suppose part of it has to do with the lar...

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Teton Canyon Boondocking - WatsonsWander

For the next stop on our Idaho summer tour, we went east into Wyoming. Wait…what? Let me explain. From our previous spot on the Idaho/Wyoming border, we wanted to head west to explore more of th...

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Helloooo Colorado! - WatsonsWander

I have a bad habit of longing to be wherever I am not. If we’re in the desert I long for the forest, if we’re in the mountains I long for the coast, if we’re in a city I long for wide open space...

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Return to Rabbit Ears Pass - WatsonsWander

Sometimes even the most beautiful locations can be clouded by bad memories. You know the kind of bad memories that involve a mama mouse setting up shop inside your RV and having a litter of (at...

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Starting Our Idaho Summer Off Right - WatsonsWander

After spending last summer on the east coast where planning and reservations are a must, this year we’re taking a completely opposite approach. Instead of planning out each stop and making reser...

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Weekend at Stockton Lake - WatsonsWander

After a week in the city, we were in need of some nature. Maybe even the kind of nature that involves a water view and a nearly deserted campground? Fortunately, Missouri has no shortage of lake...

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Swinging Through Springfield, MO - WatsonsWander

I’ve never viewed the middle of the country as a travel destination. It’s always seemed too flat, too boring, and frankly, too wholesome and close-minded to be a place where I wanted to spend mu...

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Back to Nature at Petit Jean State Park - WatsonsWander

When we first started talking about our spring journey from Florida to the western side of the country, Arkansas was high on the list. For several years we’ve been hearing rumors of green valley...

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Hot Springs National Park - WatsonsWander

This is the first time we’ve visited a town that is also a national park. Or maybe it’s a national park that is also a town? To make matters even more complicated even though all of Hot Springs...

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Florida Caverns State Park - WatsonsWander

For our last stay in Florida, we went north. All the way north into the panhandle and then west until we were right near the Alabama border at Florida Caverns State Park. A few years ago we spen...

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Hillsborough River State Park - WatsonsWander

As we head north through Florida this spring there are many places we want to visit. Places where we can paddle around crystal clear springs and swim with manatees. Places where the bike trails...

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Koreshan State Park - WatsonsWander

If someone told you that the entire universe existed inside a giant hollow sphere with the sun at the center and a centrifugal force holding us in place…and oh yeah — do you want to join my fled...

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Another Southern City: Charleston, SC - WatsonsWander

Another charming southern cityAnother southern city checked off the list. Well, maybe not totally and definitively checked off since we were only there for 24 hours. But I think we’d be safe in...

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