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Indian Bread Rocks Bowie, AZ
1609 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

Washoe Lake State Park Carson City, NV
2002 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"A Nice Campground in a Great Area"

We loved Carson City and our trips up to Lake Tahoe. As far as campgrounds to base these things out of, this place is pretty good. It's a basic dry campground, but the sites are well spaced and well cared for. They were updating the picnic... Read more

Mud Lake Trailhead Hat Creek, CA
2002 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"Neat Little Campground, Right on the PCT"

This is a cool little place. The PCT runs through the campground, there is a small pit toilet, a fe fire rings, one picnic table, and it is only one hundred yards or so from the Hat Creek Overloook. We found a spot to tuck our 32' motorhome into... Read more

2002 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"Awesome, Brand New BLM Campsites"

We were planning on heading to the Fort Sage Trailhead campground for a night on our way up US-395 but had saw on the BLM webpage that they just completed two new sites at this trailhead, which you pass on your way to the larger campground. The... Read more

2028 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"Surprisingly nice boondocking just off of US-89"

So the quality of camping here is really pretty good for being essentially a gravel pit and remnants from the old US-89. We stayed for one day when the good site was taken, so we ended up camping by the gravel pit... which is still far more... Read more

Fruita Campground Torrey, UT
2028 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"A National Parks Service Campground to Be Proud Of!"

If you camp in National Parks as often as we do then you have probably seen the campground pattern too. They are either wonderfully maintained, well staffed, adorably laid out, reasonably priced, and run by the NPS! OR they are boring, terrible,... Read more

2028 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"Great Boondocking Along the Incredibly Scenic UT-12"

We camped here for a week back in May and had a really nice time. It was pretty busy here but the area is just a big open meadow with some roads criss-crossing it. We pulled in on a Sunday and it was crowded but we found a nice place in the... Read more

2028 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"Another One for the Record Books!"

This place has got it all! The access road is in really good shape, ancillary roads are hit or miss. Some sites are very large and level, and most of them are very well spaced out. The trees are just tight enough to offer nice shade and... Read more

County Road 34 Mancos, CO
2056 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"Fine free camping near Cortez, CO"

We stayed here in our 32' Class C in late April without problem. The dirt road is very hard packed if it is dry, and the sites are a variety of sizes most of them very unlevel. We had a bit of trouble fitting in somewhere and getting level, but... Read more

2056 days ago

NomadicNeighbors 63 reviews

"Hard to Access, 100% Worth It!!"

We camped here in late April and absolutely loved it! The views right from our site were stunning, you can see Mesa Verde off to one direction and Monument Valley off to the other. We did a bit of exploring around the area and had a great time... Read more
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Washoe Lake State Park
Carson City, NV
"A Nice Campground in a Great Area"
Mud Lake Trailhead
Hat Creek, CA
"Neat Little Campground, Right on the PCT"
"Awesome, Brand New BLM Campsites"
"Surprisingly nice boondocking just off of US-89"
Fruita Campground
Torrey, UT
"A National Parks Service Campground to Be Proud Of!"
"Great Boondocking Along the Incredibly Scenic UT-12"
"Another One for the Record Books!"
County Road 34
Mancos, CO
"Fine free camping near Cortez, CO"
"Hard to Access, 100% Worth It!!"
"Spacious Boondocking north of Moab!"
Northpoint Campground
Prewitt, NM
"Great Park Tucked into the Mountains - Popular on Weekends"
"Breathtaking Scenery and Blissfully Quiet Camping"
"Big Open Camping Spaces Near OHV Trails - Great for Groups"
"Fine & Free Local Campground"
"Fine Casino Parking Lot Surfing"
"Unbelievable, Wide-Open Boondocking West of Phoenix"
"Closed - Open Seasonally"
Casino Arizona
Scottsdale, AZ
"Fine Casino Camping"
"Truck Stop Style Free Casino Camping"
"NPS Campground Perfection"
"Open Boondocking Near a Giant Pit Mine"
"Supremely Peaceful Grassland Camping Near Tucson!"
"If I must pay to camp, I will pay to camp at places like this"
Indian Bread Rocks
Bowie, AZ
"Great Boondocking with Rocks to Explore!"
"Great Casino Overnight"
"Very Rough Primitive Camping in Organ Mountains"
"Perfect Little BLM Campsite in the Organ Mountains!"
North Beach Dispersed Camping
Corpus Christi, TX
"Camping on the Beach"
Lake Holloman Dispersed Camping
Holloman Air Force Base, NM
"Utilitarian Camping with Plenty to Offer, But No Excitement!"
"Great Waterfront Boondocking "
Ronsheim Campground
Jewett, OH
"Secret Free Campsite in Ohio!"
"A Little Campground on the Maumee River"
Tom Sawyer's RV Park
West Memphis, AR
"I Normally Hate RV Parks, but Tom Sawyers is Just About Perfect!"
Bird Island Basin Campground
Corpus Christi, TX
"Tight camping on Laguna Madre"
"Peaceful Lake Camping in a County Park"
"Open Boondocking Overlooking the Salt Flats"
Marysville City Park
Marysville, KS
"Nice free city park with electric"
Cambridge City RV Park
Cambridge, NE
"Nice city park with FREE ELECTRICITY!!"
"A nice little campground on a lake"
"Unbelievable Free Campground"
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Conquering Canyonlands

 While there are tons of camping options around Moab, we’ve done enough research to know that it’s almost impossible to find a spot in one of the official campgrounds- especially when visiting in May,...

Capitol Reef National Park & Utah’s Stunning Scenic Rt 12

 Another feature of the fold is that is does not let water pass into the rocks below easily, and therefore traps the trace rainfall of the surrounding desert into a small river.  This source of water a...

Bryce Canyon National Park: Life Atop the Grand Staircase

 After another awesome drive down the next 50 miles of UT-12, we found ourselves up atop the Paunsaugunt Plateau.  In another bit of eastern ignorance, we are not familiar with plateaus like this.  One...

From Petrified Wood to Wild Horses

As we’ve come to learn, certain national parks are all about the views, while others are all about the features. And when talking about Petrified Forest National Park, it definitely falls into the latt...

Catching a Corner of CO

     The funny thing about boondocking as much as we do is that if you find enough of the dramatic and breathtaking sites - you start to really crave them.  So we spent a few hours that week searching...

Valley of the Sun: Birthdays, NASCAR, and the greater Phoenix Metro

 Thankfully, the Light Rail happened to run right by the casino. In true NN fashion, we wanted to spend the day seeing as much as we could, so we took advantage of the ride and made our way towards dow...

Brushing the Border: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

 Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument sits right near the border of Mexico, along the southern side of Arizona. This special ecosystem, stretching from the southwestern United States down into Mexico, i...

Tucson & Our First Steps Into the Sonoran Desert

 We stayed our first night at the Desert Diamond Casino.  Not being big gamblers, we target casino parking lots for different reasons… ample and welcoming RV overnight accommodations.  Desert Diamond,...

Now Entering: AZ

 Tacos (and rainbows, clearly, but we'll get to that later). As we made our way to AZ, we stumbled on a small, family-run gem in Deming, New Mexico that made our interstate drive a bit more bearable. E...

Finding Magic in the land of enchantment

 That's right, sledding! At WSNM, you can rent discs (technically purchase, but they have a buy-back program) to use to fly down the dunes. Since the sand is made from gypsum, it is always cool to the...

Two-Steppin' Across Texas

Texas has always been a place that I was interested in visiting.  It wasn't for the same reasons that I wanted to see Montana or Wyoming; honestly, I don't really know why I wanted to go to Texas, but...

Quiet Boondocking in Harrison County State Forest

The Details:Name: Ronsheim CampgroundLocation: Harrison County State Forest; Cadiz, Ohio Reservations: None taken. Self-Registration required and consists of filling out a form that can be found at the...

Easy Living on the Maumee River: Mary Jane Thurston State Park, OH

Although it is a small park, the sleepy little town of Grand Rapids is cute enough to make your head spin. With ice cream shops, antique stores, the giant town clock, and an adorable restaurant overloo...

High Sodium Content: The Bonneville Salt Flats and Salt Lake City

 WATER? WHAT? I know. Before our arrival, we had no idea that it was a normal thing in the late fall/winter to have all of the Flats covered in about six inches of water.  Luckily, the boondocking spot...

A Weekend of Seclusion to Start the Long Journey Home

 Now, even if this did all seem too good to be true, the drive from Paisly, OR to the Virgin Valley would have been completely worth it.  It was without a doubt some of the most breathtaking driving th...

From Terrifying to Tillamook

 The low-hanging branch blocking our way should have been the first sign that we needed to pick another spot. We sat in the road for a minute with Tig, trying to figure out what to do, when a forest se...

Best Friends and Big Forests at Olympic National Park

Before Cori and I moved into our tiny house on wheels together, I had spent five of the last six years living with the same person: my good friend Max.  In fact, Max introduced Cori and I to each other...

A Deep Dive into Hells Canyon on the Snake River

 After much deliberating we decided to go check out the Pittsburg Landing Recreation Area, where there is a lovely little USFS campground.  The Pittsburg Landing Area is a large landing by the river, w...

From Desert to Pacific: Our Tour Down the Columbia

 There was one other rig there when we arrived, and we would later come to meet Whitley and Brenda. Time and time again, we meet new people that help restore our faith in humanity. We were a couple of...

Nothing Tops the Tetons

 We arrived at the Tetons and made our way up to Upper Teton View (Thanks Campendium!!). It was very easy to find our spot and there were plenty of options to choose from, but we happened to see that a...

McGinnis Creek: Boondocking Among the Scars of Glacier National Park's Summer of Fire

 Aside from some solemn moments spent looking out over the scarred forest, we spent most of our time at the McGinnis Creek area working, cooking, and cleaning.  Although these are not the most exciting...

The Hunt for Ice and Snow: Crystal Lake Campground, Lewis & Clark National Forest — Nomadic Neighbors

 Once we got settled, we started to explore. Crystal Lake is a beautiful, snowmelt lake that is deepest in the spring, then slowly sinks down into the rocks below. They stock it with lake trout each sp...

Simple Camping in Montana's Bitterroot Valley

When we first heard of the free USFS campground at Blodgett Creek, or “The Yosemite of Montana”, it sounded like a great place to spend a week recovering after Glacier National Park.  To make things be...

Breezy Beaches and Fiery Sunsets at Manistee National Forest, Lake Michigan — Nomadic Neighbors

After we got settled in, it was time to explore! From Green Rd, it is only about a 5 minute bike ride to the recreation area. The Manistee National Forest is home to the Nordhouse Dunes, part of the Lu...

the Wall: Boondocking Perfection outside Badlands National Park

 We spent most days at the Wall enjoying the views, nature, new friends, and the perfect summer breeze. Adding to the perfection of this spot is the ease of which you can go enjoy the Badlands National...

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