221 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

Prehistoric Trackways Las Cruces, NM
889 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"Fossils and trails"

This was a pretty neat place. The trails were interesting and discovering fossils was exciting. Camping was pretty quiet. Expect some traffic for day use but not much. We stayed in the split rail area just past the trailhead parking area.

893 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"What they said"

It’s very pretty here. Put toilets. Picnic tables. Fire pits. Creekside. Close to craters of the moon np. 20 min from Hailey for supplies.

900 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"Almost dry..."

When we got to these coordinates we found the dry lake bed. This time of year it is not completely dry. (June) and the water is stagnant and covered in a blanket of mosquitoes. We picked a dirt road going away from it and found this spot. It’s... Read more

Island Park Socorro, NM
907 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"We didn’t stay"

The cottonwood was snowing down giving us both bad allergic reactions. I might stay a different time of year. Fairly level spot with lots of shade tho.

954 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"Free parking"

Ok gravel over old asphalt with electrical hookups. Playground on grass. 24-hr limit. Donations welcome. Dump station is also free. Water spigot by the jumpstart may be potable. Water drinking fountain in the playground. Stopped for lunch not... Read more

964 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"Quiet and empty "

Well we are always in search of st least a T-Mobile data signal and some isolation. We found it. There’s one shelter at the bottom of the hill before you turn up the road toward the pit toilet, I did not notice a fire ring. Up by the pit... Read more

966 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"Views, trails, and trees"

There are some tent only sites and other sites for any type of camping. Sites have great firerings with or structures around them for sitting. Picnic tables in good shape. Tent pads and plenty of length for motorhome. The temps were reportedly... Read more

971 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"Magnificence for miles"

We found a nice pull out overlooking the buttes. Easy to level on. May only get to stay a few nights as bad winds and dogs and possible snow coming later this week. But it’s beautiful and fairly clean. Very spacious and quiet. I have 2 bars of... Read more

1018 days ago

Lilmsnomad 43 reviews

"Among the wild horses"

We only stayed for day use. Camping is only allowed on Friday and Saturday night I’ll be back for the weekend tho! It’s a nice area with decent cell service and trails.
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Prehistoric Trackways
Las Cruces, NM
"Fossils and trails"
"What they said"
"Almost dry..."
Island Park
Socorro, NM
"We didn’t stay"
"Free parking"
"Quiet and empty "
"Views, trails, and trees"
"Magnificence for miles"
"Among the wild horses"
Hewitt Station Road
Queen Valley, AZ
"Good for someone else"
Forest Road 401
Mesa, AZ
"OHV friendly 4WD recommended. "
"Not so bad"
"Seemed nice"
"It was full"
"Hilly Wonderland"
Indian Bread Rocks
Bowie, AZ
"Fantastic spot between the rocks and free range cattle. "
"Desert delight"
Ridge Road Campground
Elephant Butte, NM
"Our own little peninsula "
Chosa Campground
Carlsbad, NM
"What they said. "
"Lots of trails"
Junction City Park
Junction, TX
"On the river"
Cranes Mill Park Campground
Canyon Lake, TX
"Quiet lake front"
North Beach
Corpus Christi, TX
"We didn’t stay"
Mustang Island Beach Access
Port Aransas, TX
"Almost perfect"
Magnolia Beach Camping
Port Lavaca, TX
"Crowded but not bad"
"Just a quicky "
Brazoria Beach
Surfside Beach, TX
Rutherford Beach
Creole, LA
Tickfaw State Park
Springfield, LA
"Swamp haven"
"Very unlevel/hillybut super friendly "
"Epitome of desert camping ✌️❤️"
"Wonderful experience"
"Road to hecla jct"
"Come for the views stay for the laundry "
Poncha Springs Visitor's Center
Poncha Springs, CO
"$10 automated dump station"
"Almost boondocking"
"Close to the water. Close to thy neighbor. "
Blu-In RV Park
Ocotillo Wells, CA
"Off roaders heaven"
"What a view. "
Speedway Gas Station
Durango, CO
"Free dump station for the win"
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