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Pontchartrain Landing
New Orleans, LA
Bahia Honda State Park
Big Pine Key, FL
Bluewater Key RV Park
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Maryhill State Park
Goldendale, WA
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The Point RV Park
Ashland, OR
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Silver Falls State Park
Sublimity, OR
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Sea Perch RV Resort
Yachats, OR
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"Great spot in Bourbon country"
Point Hudson Marina & RV Park
Port Townsend, WA
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Lake Almanor - Riveted

On Tuesday we were just outside of Nevada City and Grass Valley at (Henry) Rollins Lake...a campground called Peninsula Camping & Boating Resort. Pretty campground, no hookups, and a high of about 97...

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Today's Office: Yellowstone River, Billings, MT - Riveted

Yesterday was just a regular workday, but I still am loving our little mobile office in the snow: We took a walk down to the river in the afternoon so Kevin could do a little hexacopter flying (and v...

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Don't be breaking The Rules, yo - Riveted

As I said, we're at Columbia Riverfront RV Park for a few days this week. We've stayed here once before and it's a pretty park with nice views of the river from the waterfront spots, lots of nice am...

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Texoma Park, Dumas, TX - Riveted

We spent the night last night in a city park in Dumas, TX called Texoma Park. They offer a free night's stay for RV travelers, complete with electrical hookups. Apparently there's also water and a du...

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We're in Amarillo - Riveted

We're staying at the Oasis RV Resort just outside of Amarillo, TX. In the corner of the park there's this giant conglomeration of billboard sign structure with no signage on it. Love it. Here's the o...

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Acadiana Park Campground in Lafayette - Riveted

Here's a shot of our campsite this morning: And here's a shot of our end of the campground: Pretty place (lots of cool sounds from the trees last night!), not too crowded. So far our AT&T cell servic...

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St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Port St. Joe, FL - Riveted

Here's where we are now: St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Port St. Joe, Florida. Our campsite is rough and tropical (but completely level!) and has a ton of space and privacy. Not all the spots in...

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Long Key State Park, Florida Keys - Riveted

Well, good morning. It's beautiful here. (This is the view from our Airstream.) We sat out front here and had our coffee this morning: Every spot in this park is waterfront and most are quite private...

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Curry Hammock State Park (and Stone Crab Season Starts Today) - Riveted

We drove a whoppin' 20 minutes today from Long Key State Park to Curry Hammock State Park.  Right before I took this photo I saw a huge green sea turtle just RIGHT THERE swimming in the water. Super...

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Bluewater Key and Key West - Riveted

We drove another 30 minutes down the keys this morning to get to our last spot in the Keys: Bluewater Key RV Resort. I've had this place bookmarked for the past couple years in the "if we ever go to...

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Bluewater Key RV Resort - Riveted

We went for a walk before heading out for dinner last night and I took a few photos of some of the spots here, in case you wanted to see what sites besides ours look like: It's a great location, and...

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Fort Wilderness Disneyness - Riveted

We decided the other day that since we were going right past Disney World, we'd stop for a day and ride some stuff. We found a campground INSIDE Magic Kingdom called Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgro...

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Cedar Pass Campground in the Badlands, South Dakota - Riveted

Look where we woke up this morning! Lovely, isn't it? We went for a short drive up to the pass and snapped a few photos while the sun was still early and low. This is looking back down toward the cam...

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Home Stretch! - Riveted

We worked this morning for a while in Spokane and then hit the road. We figured we'd decide while we were on the road how far we wanted to go -- whether we wanted to drive all the way home (just unde...

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South Beach to Makah Bay, Olympic Peninsula - Riveted

Today we headed up to Makah Bay where we're staying at the Hobuck Beach Resort. It's fine. It's nowhere near as cool as our last spot was at South Beach (that was a tough act to follow, for sure.) We...

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South Beach Campground, Olympic Peninsula - Riveted

Well this doesn't suck for ten bucks a night, does it? Behind us: We passed this place without even looking, figuring we wanted to check out Kalaloch first, which we did. I kinda had a feeling we'd l...

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Walton Lake and Painted Hills - Riveted

After we left Detroit Lake we met up with Tiffani and Deke over at Walton Lake Campground in the Ochoco National Forest in Central Oregon. This is a gorgeous little lake with campsites on both sides...

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Stub Stewart State Park - Riveted

We grabbed the Airstream and came out to Stub Stewart State Park yesterday afternoon to meet up with some friends. After stopping at Trader Joe's, Camping World, and suffering the world's longest wai...

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SF to Bodega Bay - Riveted

So happy to be back here. We are over at Porto Bodega Marina this time, parked right on the bay. (Looks like sunset with a martini is in our near future, doesn't it? Just the sounds of seagulls and s...

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We're in Kentucky! - Riveted

We got up early this morning (with the help of that extra hour!) and were on the road before 9am. Yeah, shush, it's early for us. The drive through the Smoky Mountains was gorgeous. Pretty much looke...

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Gorgeous Evening at Skamokawa Vista Park - Riveted

Kevin took this photo last night after dinner as we were gathering around the campfire. We had no marshmallows, but we plan to change that tonight: Tugboat and barge with tiki torches: New solar hang...

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Point Hudson Marina - Riveted

We're at Point Hudson Marina and RV Park for a few days (in Port Townsend, WA). This place is just about perfect as far as I'm concerned. Boats going in and out, the halyards softly tapping with the...

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