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September 17, 2017

Crystal Geyser Green River, UT
17 days ago

"Surprisingly busy for such a remote spot"

This is a free BLM spot outside of Green River, UT; it's down a long, windy dirt road that is washboarded in spots but for a dirt road, isn't too bad. I certainly wouldn't want to drive it every day, but it's okay. *shrug* The view of Green... Read more

Foot Bridge Road Bluff, UT
26 days ago

"A total hidden gem!"

We were in New Mexico and heading north to Idaho, and needed a way-stop along the way. My husband found this on Campendium but it had no reviews so we had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. WOW, WHAT A FIND! First off,... Read more

Aguirre Spring Campground Las Cruces, NM
89 days ago

"Simply GORGEOUS!"

We hadn’t planned on staying here - we missed the turn to Leasburg SP and couldn’t find a place to turn around, so I quickly pulled up Campendium and we put together a Plan B as we drove. We have a 23’ TT so we knew this would be tight, but all of... Read more

89 days ago

"Love the trees!"

Because it’s winter (currently mid-February) we’ve been staying down in the southwest part of the US - mostly NM State Parks but we did make a trip over to Tucson for the holidays. It wasn’t until we pulled into Percha that I realized how much... Read more

South Monticello Campground Truth or Consequences, NM
111 days ago

"Definitely quiet up here"

Elephant Butte State Park is spread out along the "lake" (more on that in a moment) and South Monticello is (ironically) the northern most part of the park. Desert Cove, Quail Run, Ridge Road, and Lions Beach are all clustered together down on the... Read more

181 days ago

"Free wifi in a NM state park – nice!"

This is our sixth New Mexico state park that we've stayed at, and the first one with wifi included. I didn't expect much out of it since campground wifi is usually not good for much, but it was plenty fast enough to do whatever we wanted on it,... Read more

Oasis State Park Portales, NM
183 days ago

Oasis State Park Portales, NM
191 days ago

"Just an awesome state park!"

With an average 3-star rating right now, we were a little cautious about this park, but now that we’re here, we’re thrilled. A) It’s out in the wilds so there’s no street lamps or semis roaring past (we’ve been in congested areas for a long... Read more

192 days ago

"The road noise is strong with this one"

This morning, I woke up to a semi using its engine break right outside of our camper, paired with a train blasting its horn. Well, that's one way to wake up... We pulled in yesterday during the day and had thought that we'd stay the three... Read more

Waylon Jennings RV Park Littlefield, TX
195 days ago

"Free hook-ups, fast internet, free dump station – doesn't get better than this"

Okay, maybe if all of this were out in the wilderness instead of right off a main highway, then it'd be better. ;-) But honestly, this is a GREAT deal for people traveling through, people wanting to recharge their batteries, or anyone wanting to... Read more
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Crystal Geyser
Green River, UT
"Surprisingly busy for such a remote spot"
Foot Bridge Road
Bluff, UT
"A total hidden gem!"
Aguirre Spring Campground
Las Cruces, NM
"Simply GORGEOUS!"
"Love the trees!"
South Monticello Campground
Truth or Consequences, NM
"Definitely quiet up here"
"Free wifi in a NM state park – nice!"
Oasis State Park
Portales, NM
"Just an awesome state park!"
"The road noise is strong with this one"
Waylon Jennings RV Park
Littlefield, TX
"Free hook-ups, fast internet, free dump station – doesn't get better than this"
Levelland City RV Park
Levelland, TX
"VERY noisy camp spot"
Slaton City Park
Slaton, TX
"A good place to stay if you want easy access to Lubbock"
Lake Mackenzie Park
Silverton, TX
"Something only your mother could love"
Silverton Municipal Park
Silverton, TX
"How can you complain about free electric and water?!"
Pioneer County Park
Wellington, TX
"Nice shady spots; pretty park; no Verizon signal"
Harbor Bay Camp
Fritch, TX
"Sadly, no internet to be found"
Huber City Park
Borger, TX
"It truly doesn't get any better than this"
"Great internet here!"
Tolby Campground
Eagle Nest, NM
"Gorgeous; camp spots are tight to get into"
"Closed in October"
"Closed in October"
El Rito Campground
El Rito, NM
"Beautiful campgrounds and creek but a rough ride in"
Heron Lake State Park
Los Ojos, NM
"No one wants to hear your dog bark for hours, not even you"
Pine Campground
Navajo Dam, NM
"Definitely not for big rigs"
Madden Peak Road
Hesperus, CO
"Beautiful and conveniently located "
"Bring your quarters!"
25 Road
Grand Junction, CO
"Only come here if you're forced to"
Buckhorn Draw
Green River, UT
Oak Creek Campground
Oak City, UT
"Absolutely GORGEOUS!"
"Nice overnight spot "
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Lake Clark Fork Drift Yard Whiskey Rock Bay Campground Smokey Cubs Recreation Site Lost Trail Pass Rest Area Sam Billings Memorial Campground Watts Landing Black Bear Campground Romsett Beach Hebgen Lake View Old Rumbaugh Campground Rumbaugh Ridge Spring Creek South Campsites Spring Creek Campground Watkins Creek Campsite Watkins Creek Trailhead Spring Creek North Campsites Trapper Creek Campsites Red Canyon Creek Beaver Creek Dispersed Wibaux Rest Area Glendive Short Pines OHV Area Powder River Depot Red Shale Campground Cow Creek Campground & Picnic Area Mallards Landing Two Leggins Grant Marsh Manuel Lisa Captain Clark Far West Fishing Access Site Itch-Kep-Pe Park Swinging Bridge Fishing Access Site Otter Creek Inner Basin Carbella Recreation Site Sunny Brook Springs Sinclair Gas Station Bear Creek Campground Elk Lake Dispersed Camping & Picnic Area East Creek Campground Ruby Reservoir Recreation Area Glen Campground Notch Bottom Campground Walmart Toston Dam Campground Riverside Park Big Eddy Campground Super 1 Foods Middle Fork Flathead River North Fork Road McGinnis Creek Polebridge River Access Site Sondreson Meadow Ford River Access Site Abbott Flats Zip's Loop Dispersed Skyand Road Dispersed Summit Trailhead Horse Camp North Bootlegger Campground Fresno Tailwater Harlem City Park Nelson Reservoir Recreation Area Cole Ponds Nelson Creek Recreation Area Bruegger Centenial Park Corn Creek Spring Amargosa Valley Rest Area Big Dune Dispersed Bombo's Pond Tonopah Dispersed Luning Rest Area El Capitan Lodge & Casino Cabela's Water Canyon Recreation Area Mill Creek Recreation Area Carlin Canyon Walmart Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir Texas Canyon Rest Area Eastbound Desert Diamond Casino Desert Diamond Casino Sahuarita Casino Del Sol Snyder Hill BLM West Manville Road Gunsight Wash Darby Well Road Denison Camping Area Love's Travel Stop Ligurta Parking Area Eastbound Fortuna Pond Ferguson Lake Cibola-Colorado River Camping Area Levee Road Tom Wells Road Blue Cloud Camping Area Welcome to Havasu Needle Mountain Road Riverside Casino Resort Christmas Tree Pass Walmart Atoka Lake Dispersed Camping Area Black Kettle Campground No Man's Land Park Woodson State Fishing Lake Milford Lake Loop Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake No.2 Strataca Salt Mine Museum Cowley State Fishing Lake Cabela’s Walmart Dodge City Roadside Park Ford State Fishing Lake & Wildlife Area Sheridan State Fishing Lake Meade City Park Logan Campground Windy Point Campground Rogers Park Campground Cottonwood Campground Sims Mesa Campground Oliver Lee Memorial State Park Bell Point Campground Cove Campground El Vado Lake State Park Santa Rosa Lake State Park Hyde Memorial State Park Manzano Mountains State Park Cabela's Henrys Fork RV Dump Station Fish Creek Road Bootjack Red Rock Pass Bill Frome County Park Targhee Creek Trailhead Baes Overlook Cherry Creek Campground Raynolds Pass White Earth Campground Homestake Pass Walmart Big Hole River Dispersed Blodgett Campground Gold Creek Walmart Blacktail Mountain Highline Loop Road AZ-UT Stateline Dispersed Leeds Canyon Virgin Dam Gooseberry Mesa Smithsonian Butte Kolob Reservoir South Shore Hancock Road Old Highway 89 Stout Canyon Kolob Reservoir West Shore Parowan Gap Petroglyphs Losee Canyon George's Gift Johns Valley Fisherman's Beach Recreation Site Upper Kents Lake Big John Flat Chicken Creek Campground Nebo Loop Road Miners Canyon Cummings Parkway Dispersed Whitney Reservoir Middle Fork Campground Maverik Gas Station Pie Town Jackson Park Campground Armijo Springs Campground Quemado Rest Area El Morro National Monument Manuelito Rest Area Eastbound Joe Skeen Campground Acomita Rest Area Walmart Forest Road 242 Torrance County Park Garnet Hill Cleve Creek Campground Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge Chief Mountain South Campground Chief Mountain West Stampede Campground Patterson Pass Campground Hopi Cultural Center Indian Bread Rocks Wilcox Playa Wildlife Area Cochise Visitor Center Love's Travel Stop Forest Road 687 Mount Bigelow Road Veterans Park Forest Road 225 Forest Road 611 East Rim Point Sublime Lockett Lake Coconino Rim Road Forest Road 688 Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site Cedar Pocket Pass Stewarts Point Kingman Wash Valley of Fire West Lovell Canyon Dispersed Paseo del Rio Campground City of Rocks State Park Rockhound State Park Pancho Villa State Park Leasburg Dam State Park McBride Canyon & Mullinaw Creek Camp Fritch Fortress Campground Sugarite Canyon State Park Clayton Lake State Park Morphy Lake State Park Tolby Campground Hopewell Lake Heron Lake State Park Felt Picnic Area Forest Road 5 Esquibel Canyon Pioneer County Park County Road O Landing Palace Casino & Hotel Big Rice Lake Villanueva State Park Fenton Lake State Park Storrie Lake State Park Bluewater Lake State Park Coyote Creek State Park Sumner Lake State Park South Monticello Campground Lions Beach Campground Ridge Road Campground Quail Run Campground Desert Cove Campground Central Recreation Area Campground North Area Campground Eagle Nest Lake State Park Caballo Lake State Park Percha Dam State Park Bottomless Lakes State Park Mine Canyon Campground Oldhams Campground Beaver Cove Campground Eagle Pont Campground Ute Creek Campground Cottonwood Grove Campground Roadrunner Campground Zia Campground Cottonwood Campground Yucca Campground South Side Campground Oasis State Park Brantley Lake State Park San Antonio Bosque Park Rio Chama Campground Bosque Redondo Park Cabresto Lake Avalon Reservoir Gila Lower Box Canyon Lewis Park Honey's Park Camping Riverfront Park Owl Creek Packer Camp 50,000 Silver Dollar Casino Headworks Park Streeter Park Campground Buckley Park Campground Loup Park Lake North Chilvers Park George Mitchell RV Park Lincoln Park Karrer Park Bayard City Park Harrison City Park Marysville City Park Medicine Lodge City Park Randolph Rampy Park Apache Nugget Travel Center & Casino Rob Jaggers Camping Area Jal Lake Park Lucky Star Casino Elk City Lake Park City of Britton RV 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