1182 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"Not much of a value"

For years, this area was a boondocker's dream...close to town, free, next to the river, and did I mention free? Now, for $18 per night, you get a porta-john and a table. No water, no trash. Lacking many viable alternatives, we spent the weekend... Read more

Point Sublime North Rim, AZ
1231 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

1541 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"Great site for camping with friends"

It's an easy drive from Moab or I-70 to get here, just at the top of the climb from the highway. The campground has a hill between itself and the highway, so road noise is minimal and one has the sense of being isolated. Mountain bike trails start... Read more

1595 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"So nice, it's almost not camping"

We've stayed here a few times, until recently just on overnighters. However, we needed a place to stay while we waited for our closing (we bought a house in Fruita). We were able to stay here for two weeks, although the office had us move a couple... Read more

Union Pass Road Cora, WY
1613 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"Boondocking at it's best"

If you can't find a place to camp on Union Pass Road, you aren't trying. The road traverses the high ground between Dubois (locals pronounce "DEW boys", FYI) and Pinedale (roughly). There is a lot of dirt road here, at least 70 miles from one... Read more

1614 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"If you need a place for the night...."

..this isn't a bad spot. Shade, mowed grass, plenty of room. River close enough to hear at night. Water, sewer and power. Looked like maybe cable or phone hookups, but I use neither, so did not investigate further. You can easily walk to the main... Read more

1621 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"Great for an overnight."

Needed a place to spend the night while passing through. It's really a high level gravelled area. No shade, no trees. Everything is clean, well cared for and in good repair. The staff are nice. There is wifi. Spaces are large, you don't feel... Read more

Cimarron Campground Cimarron, CO
1664 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"Uncrowded and Semi-quiet"

We had mechanical problems and were trying to find someplace to spend the night; on Fourth of July weekend. Yep. We were resigned to our first-ever stay at the WalMart when I remembered a buddy saying there was a campground just off Hwy 50 near... Read more

1770 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"Great Boondocking"

We stayed just past the intersection of 525C and 9549M. There is plenty of hiking nearby. The spot we were in was far enough off the road so traffic wasn't annoying, but there is enough of it. Lots of cars, Jeep tours, and ATVs. We had ok cell... Read more

1780 days ago

OnlyDirtRoads 42 reviews

"Nice location!"

We stayed here in the Fall, and promised ourselves that we'd return. While we stayed in the actual campground for a couple of nights, we prefer the overflow campground. While there are no hookups, there is a lot of room, and it's a bit quieter.... Read more
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"Not much of a value"
"Great site for camping with friends"
"So nice, it's almost not camping"
Union Pass Road
Cora, WY
"Boondocking at it's best"
"If you need a place for the night...."
"Great for an overnight."
Cimarron Campground
Cimarron, CO
"Uncrowded and Semi-quiet"
"Great Boondocking"
"Nice location!"
"We want to come back here"
"Come for the petroglyphs, stay for the site."
Pinnacles Campground
Paicines, CA
"Nice place, need to come back!"
"Wonderful place!"
Washburn Campground
Cambria, CA
"Nice place to explore the area"
Flying Flags RV Resort
Buellton, CA
"We never stay at places like this"
"Ok, if you need a place to crash"
Amboy Crater
Amboy, CA
"Nice place to boondock."
Sawtooth Canyon Campground
Lucerne Valley, CA
"Nice find"
The Pads
Death Valley, CA
"Great surprise!"
White Tank Campground
Twentynine Palms, CA
"Kinda cool, kinda not"
"Great campground."
Adrian City Park
Adrian, MN
"Pretty RV oriented"
"Great find! "
"Quiet, clean and free"
"Driven past here dozens of times"
West Main Trail Head
Montrose, CO
"Great place for a quick stop"
"Great afterthought!"
Red Canyon Campground
Dutch John, UT
"Great find"
"Great place to use as basecamp"
Soap Creek Campground
Gunnison, CO
"Not what it once was."
Ruby Mountain Campground
Buena Vista, CO
"Great and off the beaten track"
Tumbleweeds Campground
Cheyenne, WY
"Great Campground, Awesome mountain Biking"
Natural Bridges Campground
Lake Powell, UT
"Not a typical campground"
Point Sublime
North Rim, AZ
"Incredible views!"
Long Draw Campground
Estes Park, CO
"One of our favorites- for a campground"
Fire Point
North Rim, AZ
"VOG is a regular stopover for us."
Belle Fourche Campground
Devils Tower, WY
"Really great place to visit!"
"Nice Place!"
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