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Birch Grove Campground Washburn, WI
164 days ago

"Grandkids loved it!!"

This place is great for grandkids! They were able to fish, swim, kayak! We did get our water from the artesian well at Thompson's West end Park in Washburn. The sites were missing a lot of tree's, a major storm did come through a few years back... Read more

432 days ago

"Would Stay again."

The potable water is not marked clearly , so we made 3 loops around the park before we found it. The lower loop had lots of families and the kids were very good about quiet times. The upper loop only had 4 families and they were to busy fishing to... Read more
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Birch Grove Campground
Washburn, WI
"Grandkids loved it!!"
"Would Stay again."

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