Best Free Camping in Nevada

Free Camping in Nevada: How to Find (and use) BLM Lands

By Tania Griffis

Nevada is proof that there’s beauty in the desert. With cascading cliffs, striking red canyons, and wide-open skies, this scenic state is a popular destination for campers.

Of course, Nevada isn’t all desert land. Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead National Recreation Area are two popular destinations within the state that offer water-based activities such as boating and fishing. Plus, don’t forget that if you somehow tire of nature, you can head to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, which is nestled in southern Nevada.

Those who are budget-conscious may ask if there is free camping in Nevada. The answer is a resounding yes! If you are interested in free camping in Nevada, you will undoubtedly want to take advantage of the state’s BLM land.

See a map of all free camping in Nevada.

BLM Nevada

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is the agency in Nevada that manages the public land—and there is quite a bit of it to manage. In fact, an incredible 67% of the state is BLM-managed public land. This means almost fifty million acres of land are available to explore, enjoy, and camp on.

Can you Camp Anywhere in Nevada?

While you can’t camp anywhere in Nevada (such as private property), the state gives you plenty of opportunities to pitch a tent. Even better? With the BLM Nevada, camping can even be free!

Dispersed Camping vs Developed Campgrounds

There are two main types of camping in the state: developed campgrounds and dispersed camping.

Developed campgrounds typically have amenities for campers that can include a camping area with fire rings, bathrooms, RV parking, and more. These types of campgrounds are typically not free as campers will need to pay to use the facilities.

On the other hand, dispersed camping is a more primitive way of camping. If you want to connect with nature and get some fresh air and solitude, this may be the preferred option.

Much of Nevada’s BLM managed lands are available for dispersed camping. There are no fees associated with this type of camping, so this is an excellent option for those seeking free camping in Nevada. There are a few rules that campers will need to abide by, however:

  • Limit the days spent in one location. Campers cannot stay in the same spot on public land for more than 14 days within a 28 day period. After the two week period, you will need to move at least 25 miles away. You can return to your original campsite after another 14 days if you like.
  • Practice the "Leave No Trace Seven Principles." Campers have the responsibility to leave an area just as they found it (or better if necessary). This means to pack up and haul away all trash, choosing to camp on durable, hard surfaces, respect wildlife, and minimize the effects of any campfires you may have.

BLM Land Map for Nevada

To take advantage of enjoying BLM land, you will need to first make sure that you are actually in the public area and not on private property. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a map.

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Dec 01, 2021

"Expansive area east of power lines, a few long timers "

active staractive staractive staractive starinactive star
Good sites, spaced far apart, some campers have been there a while. Longer term folks have been pushed east onto BLM lands by city code police. Some debris around but tolerable. Easy access to town, quiet, moderate to low traffic on roads (even on thanksgiving weekend). Expect dust. Nobody bothers anyone.

Mary Stone
14 reviews
Logandale, NV

Logandale Trails

Nov 28, 2021

"Nice views and plenty of space!"

active staractive staractive staractive staractive star
Overall, it was a really nice site! We got there right after sunset so all of the OHV’s were leaving, and the noise from them was pretty loud until about an hour after sunset. There are a couple of dirt lots before you make it to the lot at the end with the bathroom (this lot is pretty small). There was plenty of space and even a few fire pits...
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Isabel Wilson
1 review
Nov 27, 2021

"Quick stop over"

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Stopped here for Thanksgiving weekend. The road in is a bit rough. Probably best suited for 4x4. I'm a bit surprised our little toyota made it up the hill. Great view of the Sierra mountains. Lots of broken glass and bullet cases. Can hear and see the highway. Gun shots and ATVs during the weekend.

Beatty, NV

Bombo's Pond

Nov 21, 2021


active staractive staractive staractive starinactive star
Open and not at all crowded. Everyone was quiet and mindful of each other. You have to drive around a couple of times to get a perfectly flat spot.

Nov 20, 2021

"Close to state park with good cell signal "

active staractive staractive staractive staractive star
Good coordinates for us to use gps to get there at night and share with another friend to meet us. Not too far from I15 and Valley of Fire. Good cell signal. Quiet and clean, not crowded.

Tiger Doan
1 review