Question about Lower Teton View - Toppings Lake Dispersed Campsites #1 - 6


Taylor asked on 9/26/2022

How is the road in to the lower sites and has anyone used Starlink here yet??

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Answered on 9/27/2022:

Was there the first of June. Was able to get our 42ft toy hauler to the top view no problem. I don’t like how they have the lower area set up now. Go to the top. Get there btw 9-11am!
Living the dream!
Living the dream!
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Answered on 9/29/2022:

It's a gravel road and depends on how much rain they have had. Each Spring they ploy it for the season. Starling works good in this are if you can get a clear shot without many trees in the way. Calls are sometimes intermittent without a clear line of sight.
Salome, AZ
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Answered on 9/27/2022:

The road while I was there in my 28 foot motorhome was good, I wa there in July of 2021. I even went up the hill and stayed looking over the valley and the Tetons, beautiful view and wonderful place to camp. Lots of people.Starlink I think would work great there. My sister has verizon and never had a problem, I di d with my spectrum account. Lots of very open sky.
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Answered on 9/27/2022:

The road to the lower sites is ok. There are a few bumps but not bad. Just cam from there 3 days ago. The sites are really a parking lot in the lower. There are about 5 inches unlevel side to side.