Best Free Camping in Wyoming

Free Camping in Wyoming

Camp for Free near Yellowstone and Other Places in Wyoming

If you are seeking wide-open spaces where you can enjoy solitude, Wyoming may be just the place for your next camping adventure. As the least populous state in the U.S., free camping in Wyoming can be adventurous and visually stunning. Here’s what you need to know about free camping in WY.

Can you Camp in Yellowstone for Free?

One of the biggest attractions for campers visiting Wyoming is Yellowstone National Park. It’s no wonder—Yellowstone is one of the most picturesque national parks in the United States. Campers can spend their time marveling at Old Faithful or observing wildlife including bison, elk, bears, and others.

Camping at a designated campground comes with fees, and depending on how long you plan to camp for, the cost can add up quickly. Luckily, there are some ways you can take advantage of free camping near Yellowstone.

The one caveat to this is you will need to camp outside the park in Montana and Idaho rather than in Wyoming itself. Fortunately, the states are close enough that it is likely worth the short drive if you plan on camping around Yellowstone for free.

Camping for Free in Wyoming on BLM Lands

There are plenty of other options for free camping in Wyoming besides the Yellowstone National Park area. BLM Wyoming, which stands for Bureau of Land Management, manages the publicly owned land throughout the state.

Nearly half of WY is BLM-managed land. Dispersed camping is allowed on most BLM land away from developed recreation facilities. There is no fee for dispersed camping, but campers should be aware of the rules and regulations. Some of these include:

  • Obey stay limits. Campers are permitted to stay in one spot on BLM land for 14 days. After that, they must move at least 25 miles away from that spot, and cannot return to the original campsite for 28 days. This important rule helps prevent the overuse of resources in any one given area.
  • Closed for camping signs. Some areas may be closed to camping in order to protect the wildlife or natural resources.
  • Honor Leave No Trace principles. This includes choosing pre-existing campsites that have durable ground to stay on, packing out all trash and waste, and practicing fire safety.
  • Respect private property. Not all land is BLM-managed. You may not take advantage of free camping in Wyoming by occupying private property. The BLM map overlays on Campendium can help you determine if you are staying somewhere camping is permitted.

Camping for Free in Wyoming in National Forests

The national forests in Wyoming are generally available for dispersed camping. Each forest has rules regarding how long a camper can stay in one spot, so be sure to double-check before you make plans to camp.

National Forests in Wyoming

Camping at Wyoming Rest Stops

While you cannot pitch a tent or extend your slides at a Wyoming rest stop, the state does allow drivers who feel drowsy and unable to drive to nap or sleep in their car.

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Recent Wyoming Free Campsite Reviews

Cody, WY


Sep 19, 2021

"Best sleep in weeks "

active staractive staractive staractive staractive star
We pulled in around 9pm on Friday night. Easy to see that this is THE spot to camp when headed into/out of the parks. However, we didn’t have a hard time finding a spot. We quickly closed up all the blinds, made some food, and drifted off to sleep. We slept solidly for 8 hours. The generators of the big rigs served as white noise so we didn’t...
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Kelly Duff
1 review

"Not for trailers or big rigs! "

active staractive staractive staractive starinactive star
Guys the signs do not lie: if yiu have a large RV or a 35’ trailer do not attempt to make it up and back down the mountain road—just stay at the base camp. There are numerous sites at the top that are great for camper vans/truck campers and tents. Some great views of Grand Teton, but the bugs and crowds will join you in high summer. FYI You...
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John Munz
8 reviews
Sep 17, 2021

"Worth the gravel washboard road to get here… "

active staractive staractive staractive staractive star
Pros: Great location and site! Good view of river esp since some areas had past forest fires so not a lot to block view. Good area. Level sites. Remote bathroom. Good chance of seeing some wildlife. Close to areas where can hike. Cons: rough washboard road. Fills up quickly so get there early. Colder than some areas due to proximity to river....
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Sep 17, 2021

"Great hike to Butch Cassidy and The Wild gang cave "

active staractive staractive starinactive starinactive star
We pulled our rig here, no problem. I don’t think I’d try in wet road conditions tho. We had a challenge to level our rig. We had 1 bar of AT&T, our camping neighbor said he got 2 bars of TMobile at his site. Outhouse was gross. Incredible views. According to the website, there is supposed to be 2 caves and a carrol where Butch and co...
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Richard Dauer
5 reviews
Sep 17, 2021

"Beautiful spot"

active staractive staractive staractive staractive star
We picked a spot about 1 mile in directly adjacent the creek. Our trailer was close enough to the water we could hear the rapids from the trailer. Stunning views all around. Most other campers were hunters. Further up the road were open cattle grazing near other trailers but not a problem. We improved an existing fire pit and had a great...
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Jim Smith
10 reviews