Question about Horseshoe Canyon Dispersed Camping

evie asked on 5/13/2020

Would this be accessible to a 30' 5th wheel?

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Answered on 5/14/2020:

While I don't doubt that you could I don't know that I would. We took our FJ Cruiser and 15' trailer without issue and the dirt road is wide so I don't see any issue there. It was (a couple years ago) pretty rough from the washboard the entire way. All that banging around makes me worry about everything working when we get there. Once you arrive, there is plenty of space to turn around and some really cool cliff-side spots.
Silver Spring, MD
Subaru Forester
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Answered on 7/14/2021:

There are times when it is difficult for two Subarus to pass each other on this road. I would not try it. Also, the road tends to get covered by sand drifts, which could be a problem.