Question about Faver Dykes State Park Campground


Charles&Rose asked on 10/22/2021

Will my dog be at risk of alligators at Faver Dykes State Park? Thanks!

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Answered on 10/23/2021:

We only stayed there one night with our pets, but didn't have any issues with gators, but read signs warning of ticks. Spots were tight though. Barely able to squeeze into site 20 with our 34' 5th wheel. Took some maneuvering to get in and when it was time to leave the next day, some of the long term residents watched and clapped. They said it usually takes half a day for folks to get out of one of the spots, while we did it in 10 minutes, but we accepted all of the brush scraping against the truck. We honestly won't return just due to the sites being poorly planned.
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Answered on 10/22/2021:

There are alligators in the water so I wouldn't let it hang out at the edge of the water or go swim. The water is really murky so you can't see anything lurking about. However, the ticks are crazy!
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Answered on 10/22/2021:

We have a dog. I didn't see any alligators while we were there or waterways next to the campground where alligators might inhabit. We were just there 2 nights.