Question about Soap Creek Dispersed Camping

JW222 asked on 4/9/2021

I will be in the area with a regular Class C, 28 foot RV. I have two questions for those of you who have been here. 1. Would I be able to make it past the dip without damaging the RV? 2. I'd obviously only try to stay overnight on the right side of the fork -- we don't have bikes or a separate vehicle. Is this still worth a 1 night stay if we're not able to go left to the canyon? We would be in the area but it would still be a small detour to get here so I want to make sure it would be worth it. Family of 4 incl two tweens.

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Jan K
37' Fleetwood Discovery
15 reviews

Answered on 4/10/2021:

You can make it through the dip. Just cross it diagonally, not directly 90 degrees off the road. We took a 34ft Travel trailer in there. The place is worth an overnight. Even if you stay in one of the spots closer to the road, you can walk to the canyon - about.15 -20min for fantastic views.
9 reviews

Answered on 4/10/2021:

As far as the dip goes coming off the pavement and onto the dirt road, there was a clear area to avoid it when we went. Of course rain and whether have happened since then, so things may have changed. I saw some RV’s your size parked, so they seemed to have made it okay. I think it’s worth it regardless of where you park. Views are breathtaking and lots of areas for the kids to walk around and explore. I went with a tween and she loved it.
Boone, NC
34' Winnebago 31H
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Answered on 4/10/2021:

Our rig (before our lift) sat less than 6" from the ground at the rear jacks. We came in from the North, heading S on 89A. We passed the entrance and drove down to the Cliff Dwellers area to turn around, to head back N on 89A. You can drive off at an angle at the very start of the entrance and we were able to do so without scraping. On the way out, you would do the same. In our case, I just reversed out the same way we came in. This spot was amazing and overall I really do think it's worth the challenging accessibility!
G & M
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Answered on 4/11/2021:

No problem with the dip, as long as you approach it coming from the West. Just take it slowly and diagonally. Enjoy