Question about Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort

Maria asked on 3/2/2020

When you park here, do you need to check in with the Casino?

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Answered on 3/20/2022:

Yes they ask that you do. And in addition to checking in with them telling you where to park bonus is they’re good about keeping an eye on you and your RV.
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Answered on 11/26/2020:

I did and they asked that we park at the north end of the parking lot. We are at F4, it's nice and flat where we are parked.
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Answered on 3/3/2020:

If your only staying a couple nights and visiting the casino I would say no. We were there a total of 5 nights but visited casino daily. If they are having a event they’ll ask you to move to another part of the parking lot.
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Answered on 3/2/2020:

Hi, great question! There is no need to check in with the Scarlet Pearl. The parking lots are huge and they have security driving around day and night. Hope you have fun! Thanks, Gina
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Answered on 3/2/2020:

Yes. It lets security know you are there. They'll ask for license plate info, so they won't bother you on security rounds.