Question about Rocky Point PG&E Campground

mjbjorge asked on 11/13/2019

RE: site 109 - Do I see the pics right? The picnic table and campfire area is behind your rig??

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Answered on 11/13/2019:

The trailer pad is elevated above the beach and lake. The picnic table and campfire is on the driver side of the trailer on the edge of the beach, so you leave the trailer door curbside and have to walk to the opposite side of the trailer to get to the table and fire. There is also a beach on the curbside of the trailer that is a very short walk...maybe 50 feet away down a trail.
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Answered on 11/13/2019:

On Site 109 the picnic table and campfire are beside the pad. So, imagine you are standing at the top of the pad (furthest away from the water), looking at your rig towards the water, your picnic table and campfire would be on your right on the beach. It's 30ft from the pad.

Answered on 11/13/2019:

Nope. I believe that fire pit was at the campsite next to us, but let me look at other pictures to make sure. We usually park our trailer door facing the fire pit or the view.