Question about Pine Springs Campground

tdsaenz asked on 6/8/2021

When I stayed there before, I was able to fill my RV water tank from the spigot. What I am reading now is that is not available. Does anyone know if you can fill RV tanks with water at Pine Springs Campground?

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Answered on 6/11/2021:

There was a faucet to fill water tanks and jugs but it splashes everywhere. I do not know if it’s closed though.
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Answered on 6/9/2021:

Nope! We had to fill our 5 gal water tote. We had water in our tank to start with and just added to it once!
White Rock, NM
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Answered on 6/9/2021:

Not sure but don't think that is possible now, probably a COVID caused change. We did not see that capability when there in April.
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Answered on 6/9/2021:

I would call them directly at 915-828-3251. The office will have the most up to date info and be able to tell you where to fill if it's closed.