Question about Nomad View Dispersed Camping

PineTreesAreDope asked on 5/23/2021

Going this weekend with my hatchback set up. I have a few questions:
-can I dig a hole for pooping? What do you recommend?
-if I don’t think I can make it up, can one park near the gate instead?
-are there any extra tips you’d recommend?

This is my first time doing this.

Thanks in advance!

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Answered on 5/24/2021:

You should make it up the road. Look into double -doodie waste bags. They sell a 6 pack at Walmart for like $12. You can then dispose later in a trash can. If you cut a pool noodle to fit the rim of a 5gallon bucket you can put the bag inside and have a toilet.
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Answered on 5/26/2021:

If there hadn’t been rain, you should be okay. Probably the best idea is to pack out anything, and leave no trace. Not sure about your parking near the gate question. Maybe is my answer, but this spot is all about staying near the edge. Advice? Park your car pointing west. It sometimes gets very windy at night.
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Answered on 5/25/2021:

If it's dry, and it looks like it should be. You'll be OK. Dry getting in is the important thing, getting out when wet is much easier as it's down hill. Remember you are just a stones through from the NATIONAL PARK.
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Answered on 5/24/2021:

Get a porta potti and enjoy.
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Answered on 5/24/2021:

This answer was sent in by Carson from the National Grassland Visitor Center. "The rule of thumb is pack in pack out. Should be able to make it in by this weekend, unless we get a ton of rain it should be dry enough to find a camping spot since most of it is now graveled and rocked. We do ask that you drive on the main road and don’t take the other tracks you’ll find since those are not a part of our road system. If you need a map we have those here at the Visitor Center and district office."
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Answered on 5/24/2021:

I don’t think digging a hole to poop is recommended!!
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Answered on 5/24/2021:

Not a good area for digging and pooping. The area is wide open, not like in a forest. You won't have any issue getting there. It is easy. No camping near the gate.