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Lone Fir Campground Winthrop, WA
134 days ago

"I Guess It Just Wasn’t My Night "

I was going to stay at Early Winters Campground, but a prescribed burn was being done in the area and I didn’t want to deal with any smoke. So I made my way farther west to Lone Fir. Camp area looked nice enough, only three sites taken. I decided... Read more

Cabela's Anchorage, AK
611 days ago

"No More Overnight Parking"

When I attempted in May 2022, there were signs everywhere that said No Overnight Parking

Denali Viewpoint South Talkeetna, AK
635 days ago

"Great overnight spot with an unmatched view "

Headed here under the assumption it would be $15. Arrived and discovered they are accepting payment right now. So free is awesome, but the view of Denali was amazing. Thankfully it never got dark, so any time I peaked out my windshield, I could... Read more

1192 days ago

"Beautiful Desolation "

I drove in on this dirt road twelve miles, taking me deep into the forest. Spectacular area. Many places to camp. Some are in open areas, others are pull-offs on the side of the road. You are truly off the grid when you camp here. No cell service... Read more

Lindbergh Lake Campground Seeley Lake, MT
1357 days ago

"Additional Camp Sites Work Just As Well"

Stayed here last night because all the sites at Holland Lake were taken. This campground is only a couple miles from all the fun at Holland Lake and Falls. It’s broken into two parts, the main area next to the lake, and then an additional area... Read more

1373 days ago

"Good Overnight Option"

No frills campsite. Gravel road was easy to access. Fairly decent view of the Tetons. Some trash left by others, but I’m sure this site is used by a lot of locals too. Saw several dirt bike campers. Rained/snowed while I was here, so ground was... Read more

1382 days ago

"Fantastic Campsite "

I don’t think you’re accessing this site if you have a large rv, or trailer. It was a bit steep at times, and definitely rutted up due to rains. But go ahead and give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen, you get stuck at an awesome... Read more

1388 days ago

"Hidden treasure in the middle of nowhere "

Took a gamble on this site, as Campendium advised it might be closed due to the Covid-19 situation. Good news, it isn't! And it's great for social distancing. Most of the sites are separated from other sites, not only by distance, but by terrain... Read more

Wrinkled Rock Keystone, SD
1393 days ago

"Road Closed 4-30-20"

Maybe due to the Covid situation, but possibly also because they were doing controlled burns in the area, the site was closed at the entrance.

1394 days ago

"Phenomenal, Yet Windy, Camping"

Spent two days here recently. Great spot. Easy to drive into, just a short distance from Wall, and almost inside Badlands NP. The dirt road in was in fairly good shape, a couple ruts, that were easily driven around. The views were amazing.... Read more
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Lone Fir Campground
Winthrop, WA
"I Guess It Just Wasn’t My Night "
Anchorage, AK
"No More Overnight Parking"
Denali Viewpoint South
Talkeetna, AK
"Great overnight spot with an unmatched view "
"Beautiful Desolation "
Lindbergh Lake Campground
Seeley Lake, MT
"Additional Camp Sites Work Just As Well"
"Good Overnight Option"
"Fantastic Campsite "
"Hidden treasure in the middle of nowhere "
Wrinkled Rock
Keystone, SD
"Road Closed 4-30-20"
"Phenomenal, Yet Windy, Camping"
Comb Wash Campground
Blanding, UT
"Great Spot For A Campfire"
"Hidden Gem "
Wall Doxey State Park
Waterford, MS
"Relaxing overnight stay"
"Awesome spot to rest and relax "

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