Question about Zion Canyon Campground & RV Resort

JW222 asked on 4/25/2021

Has anyone stayed in both the Zion Canyon campground (private one, this listing) AND the Watchman campground (in the nat'l park)? Both are well-reviewed on Campendium but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced both and could make a recommendation for one or the other. Other than the cost difference which one do you think provides the better experience for a family of four (with tweens) staying for 3-4 nights at Zion?

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Answered on 4/26/2021:

We stayed at both in March. Watchman was by far our favorite. We felt like we were emerged in the canyon more. Easy walk to trailheads,visitor center and shuttles. The other campground was under much construction, short staffed, and not overly friendly. But they do have a shower. You get a few tokens per guest to take a quick shower.
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Answered on 4/26/2021:

We’ve only been to private one just outside the gate. Great location but very tight spacing and campfires can mean wood smoke in your windows. Also, we had a problem with someone in a nearby space smoking marijuana outside. Marijuana is illegal in Utah and some people like me have a bad reaction to it. I put in a complaint and the office sent someone out to put a stop to it. The very close spacing makes any kind of smoke a potential problem. Otherwise a nice park.
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Answered on 5/20/2021:

IF you could get 3-4 nights in Watchman, I'd take it in a heartbeat. Having stayed in both, on the same trip, Watchman is so MUCH better. The only positive to the private campground is the showers, and you can find other places that will let you shower.
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Answered on 4/27/2021:

I didn't stay in both, but I can say that if you own or have the means to rent e-bikes then staying here is a great choice. You can't really drive around inside the main part of Zion, so your choices are shuttle bus or biking and I for one loved biking through the canyon as one of my top 5 experiences.
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Answered on 5/26/2023:

Go with watchman. We would next time.