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Lake Meredith Reservoir Sugar City, CO
60 days ago

Chris 1 review

"Rise with the cows"

We stayed here just one night on April 1, 2021. Its a spacious site, plenty of room for a dozen campers. AT&T service was at least 3/5 for me with decent download speeds. Its not the kind of place to stay a week but its great for a night's... Read more

Teal Pond Stonefort, IL
105 days ago

Chris 1 review
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Lake Meredith Reservoir
Sugar City, CO
"Rise with the cows"
Boondocking with Joe Skeen in El Malpais National Conservation Area, New Mexico - Hacking The Hike

Joe Skeen is easily the nicest free campground we have stayed at, thus far. We were lucky to nab the last of about a dozen spots on this BLM area. I’m not really sure who Joe Skeen is but I’m...

Boondocking At Lake Meredith, Sugar City, Colorado - Hacking The Hike

Lake Meredith is a reservoir near Sugar City, Colorado. Its the perfect place to spend the night and do a little fishing. We came a roundabout way into Lake Meredith from nearby Sugar City even thoug...

Boondocking at Teal Pond in Shawnee National Forest, Illinois - Hacking the Hike

Teal Pond is a forgotten camp site in the Shawnee National Forest While there are two usable spots now, a dozen campsites were once available. The location still proves peaceful and is a reprieve...

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