Question about Bolivar Flats Free Beach Dispersed Camping

Cleo_Wanders asked on 3/4/2021

Can you tent at this beach?

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Answered on 3/4/2021:

For sure. If you do not buy the ($10) yr pass, hang a left once on the beach, it’s all free parking/camping. Set up tent and you’re good for 14 days. Pay the $10 for the permit and you can park and tent for the same duration in the “private” section. Only difference is that at night the permitted section has less dwellers. I’ve left a tent, drove into the big store inland and came back with all well. It’s a chill spot. May have a lot of random beach people or fishers at night but chill other than that. They don’t get close or in your business either.
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Answered on 3/5/2021:

Sure. Any type of camping/rig is allowed.