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My go-to website for everything camping related. Best place to find dispersed and boondocking locations. Great reviews of campgrounds and sites. And the cell coverage map is worth the small annual fee to become a member.
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We LOVE Campendium! Traveling full time with Campendium, I am able to filter out exactly what I need for work while still being able to see reviews and pictures of the places around me. It truly feels like a little community helping each other out!

Membership Features

Camp van parked in field with majestic views into the distance
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Mobile device showing ad-free campground information

One membership for everything RV

A Roadpass Pro membership unlocks premium features on Campendium plus three of our favorite RV apps! Plan unforgettable journeys with up to 150 stops on Roadtrippers, enjoy in-app RV GPS and unlimited access to 14,000+ Overnight RV Parking locations in Togo RV, and get automatic Gold status on RVillage, the largest social network for RVers. Plus enjoy up to $5,000 in member savings.

Camp van parked in field with majestic views into the distance
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Mobile device showing ad-free campground information

Ad Free Experience

Remove advertisements and focus on finding a great place to camp.

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Mobile device showing example of a cell-coverage map in the Campendium iOS app

Cell Service Overlays & Reports

See an overlay of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile coverage maps on the search results page. For more detail, filter search results by campgrounds with cell coverage as reported by other campers.

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Laptop showing example of using public land map overlays on the Campendium website

Public Land Map Overlays

Find hidden gems with overlays of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Arizona State Trust Land.

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Laptop showing topographical map showing trails on the Campendium website

Trail Maps

Discover hiking trails near your campground with the trail map view. Hint: On search results pages, you'll need to zoom in to see trails.

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Laptop showing example of searching for campsite by elevation on the Campendium website

Filter by Elevation

If you're looking to go to higher ground for cooler temps in the summer, or the opposite in the winter, you can filter your search results by elevation.

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See Favorites in Search

You'll never forget about a campground you favorited when you turn on favorites in search. See your favorites side-by-side with other campgrounds.

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Camp. Protect. Educate.

We believe that camping on public land is a privilege and strive to create a community that respects and protects natural areas. Your Campendium membership helps us spread the word about sustainable camping partner with land management agencies to tackle challenges at busy camping destinations, and advocate for campers' responsible use of public lands.

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