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CastaicDave asked on 7/6/2021

What is the Verizon Cell phone coverage like at Yosemity Lakes? I'm seeing comments from none to 1 and 2 bars.

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Answered on 5/25/2022:

Absolutely no Verizon cell service! I have the latest iPhone with Verizon and still nothing. They do offer “high speed internet” but, it’s a complete waste of money. I’ve also check my T-Mobile and AT&T routers and no signal for either of those.
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Answered on 7/9/2021:

our expereince was NO cell service at the park, this included trying to boose with our WeBoost. I walked all over trying to get service. They offer terrible internet you can wasn't worth it. There was the fastest internet at the cafe area in Yosemite Valley. We would go there and do work, etc as needed.
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Answered on 7/7/2021:

We haven't been there since 2017, but at that time there was zero coverage. I mean not even enough for a text or phone call, nothing. The wifi at the clubhouse was okay. We had to drive a few miles into town to be able to use Verizon.
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Answered on 7/7/2021:

You will NOT get Verizon service in YLTT. It's down in a canyon. None at ALL! You can drive to the top of the mountain and get one to two bars there of Verizon and 4 bars ATT. The free wifi is fine for picking up emails but if you need to zoom, there is a LOT of people using it. I bought the service and it's intermittent. I could do everything if I walked outside of the RV.
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Answered on 7/7/2021:

None on any carrier. If you drive a couple miles to the top of the hill you can get service. They have decent WiFi service to pay for at your site but no streaming after say 4pm when everyone returns. Free service at the lodge.