Question about Winhall Brook Campground

jpkelly asked on 8/11/2021

Do you think that a 42' 5th wheel can make the turn in and out?

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Answered on 8/12/2021:

It’s a 90° turn with very little space so I do not think so. However, if you do not need hook ups you can use the north side of the campground which does not require any difficult turns.
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Answered on 8/11/2021:

Honestly, I wouldn’t risk it—I’ve seen the damage to the bridge from trailers. I can just imagine the damage to trailers! I camp there every fall with friends. We had to use the south campground due to closure of our usual North sites due to Covid. Those towing 33’ trailers with Ram trucks found it tricky. Pics;
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Answered on 8/11/2021:

No I have a 40' and an f450. Took me 4 tries and 3 spotters. I've had a CDL for 35 years. I'd never try it again.