Question about Willow Springs Designated Camping

rpetter asked on 1/26/2020

Has anyone camped at Willow Springs Trail in February?

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Answered on 3/10/2020:

We pulled in after dark in a snow storm in December. No problem finding a spot. Never felt at risk of getting stuck. Had a lot of space all to ourselves.
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Answered on 1/31/2020:

I have only camped in March as well. We usually go the second week of March and have weather ranging from 50 to 65 degrees. We did however wake up one morning to snow! luckily we were able to hunker down in our trailer!
Longmont, CO
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Answered on 1/26/2020:

Not Feb, but I have camped there in March. I assume you are asking about temperatures? If so; Yes, it is still mighty cold overnight in Feb and March - freezing with possible below freezing temps each night.
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Answered on 5/24/2020:

Yes. I did last year. It was extremely windy. In the daytime sun, temps floated around 50 to 60. I was camped atop a hill. I had "neighbors" but not close; two long-stay neighbors adjacent my camp at a distance of 1000 meters or more and one of them, across the road and mostly obscured by boulders. On the dirt road out to town I would pass anywhere from 1 to 3 other campers that were there for a night or 2.