Question about Wild Horse Road Dispersed Camping

litkenmr asked on 2/21/2021

I know this is impossible to answer with certainty, but does anyone have a feeling for whether we would find a dispersed camping spot at Wild Horse Road on a Sunday night in mid-June if we arrive in the evening? Or is the area is pretty crowded during that period?

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Answered on 2/21/2021:

There are several spots out there. I’ve shown up at midnight on a Saturday in August and still found a spot. Just be aware that the road can get really rough the deeper you go back in. I pulled a 30’ trailer to the very end of the line and made it ok. Just watch out for areas where the road is washed out.
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Answered on 2/21/2021:

You'll find something but it probably won't be the best spot -- it will be along the main road or just off one of the side roads instead of the best spots further up against the rock formations. I'd also try to show up with some light left, there's a number of separate roads that lead into South Temple Wash that could be hard to navigate in the dark.
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Answered on 6/16/2023:

I am here June, tons of available spots - really beautiful views!