Question about Wild Horse Road Dispersed Camping

Lender asked on 6/18/2020

Is the road passable for a lower clearance vehicle like a Subaru?

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Answered on 6/21/2020:

Yes the road is easily passable up until the pullout for Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyons. Past there is gets a bit more difficult but I suspect a Subaru could keep going.
5 reviews

Answered on 6/18/2020:

Definitely. It’s bumpy, but the site access is only a few hundred yards off the main road. Hope that helps!

Answered on 6/18/2020:

We drove our 30’ Motorhome from the pavement to the edge of the wash where we camped no problem. Expect your Subaru would not have problems. Not sure, don’t be afraid to turn around.