Question about Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

Jeanne asked on 2/5/2021

I am heading to Whitewater Draw on Saturday , February 6. My concern is that being the weekend the sites will be full, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me if that may be the case, or if I should just stop at the Sportsman Draw a little farther north. I will not be getting there until around 1 p.m. Any advice welcome.

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Answered on 3/24/2021:

It's impossible to advise you if it will be full or not. If you come that late, I would doubt that you would have an issue staying though even if the parking area here is full. There is so much space, even the road coming in is wide enough.
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Answered on 2/5/2021:

I have always been able to get a spot. There is overflow parking a mile north of the Draw. There is also a Harvest Host nearby as well if you belong to them. I was there 3 weeks ago for 3 days
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Answered on 2/5/2021:

In mid-December, I arrived around 7 PM on a Friday and Whitewater Draw was full. I stayed the night at Sportman’s, moving south the next morning and staying two nights there. I found plenty of space for my 21’ travel trailer and a picnic table. On Saturday, January 23rd we arrived at 8:00 PM and found only two other campers - a tent and a small Class C. I imagine the preserve is past its busiest season and you should be in a fine position arriving on a Friday afternoon n Most people stayed only one night; the limit is three. The campground’s layout is unique, so depending on your RV or car, you can go between other “sites;” however, you may not have a picnic table. In December, a tent camper pulled between us and the RV in front of us and we offered him the picnic table since he did not have any camping tables. The peculiar part was that he never walked over to look at the cranes. The campground is far from spectacular and I cannot imagine a reason to stay there other than the sandhill cranes. I did not do a head count, yet it appears the same amount of cranes were there from December to January. Maybe I’m off by a thousand cranes, but you’d never notice. Enjoy your time!
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Answered on 2/5/2021:

We were there for two nights in January. The first night there was still room. The second night, a group of the class A's traveling together filled the place up but only stayed one night. I'm guessing you'll be fine.