Question about White Oak Creek Campground

Judy Gay asked on 6/22/2020

Does White Oak have WIFI ? 50 amp fuse ? I read a review where visitors are not allowed. Is this true for family members living in Eufaula ? We have a new 5th wheel and I know they are going to want to see it . How do you get in the park after 10:00 pm ?

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Answered on 3/31/2021:

They do not have wifi and right now during Covid they are not allowing any visitors other than the campers. That is true of all the COE park right now. You would have to make arrangements with the park hosts, but usually after 10:00, you must wait till the next morning or walk-in. We had a friend that had to leave for work before the gate opened and she left her car outside the gate and walked to it in the morning. If you arrive after the gate is closed you end up spending the night in the boat launch parking lot!