Question about Whiskey Pete's Hotel & Casino

Thomas34 asked on 9/5/2021

Do you need to ask permission to overnight at Whiskey Pete's (and if so who do you ask)? Thanks!

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Answered on 2/16/2024:

I actually ended up staying there for one night back in 2021. I asked the security guard and he said please go ahead. Now I plan to stop by again for one night... It is fine/safe place to sleep for one night. There is a lot of light (since the parking lot is lit) and some noise from the freeway but not too bad...
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Answered on 5/1/2022:

I stopped the security guard while he was driving by an he said, as long you don't park right in front of hotel you are good. And you fit in 2 parking spots ( my set up of 35' fits perfectly in 2) Larger rigs should go to back of hotel & park amongst trucks.
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Answered on 9/20/2021:

No, their website is pretty clear that RV overnight parking is allowed for casino patrons. Technically, they want you to go in and gamble but we stayed without going inside and had no issues.
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Answered on 9/6/2021:

Hi. we did not ask anyone and no problem. Hope that helps