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Allison asked on 6/6/2021

This is a general question for anyone who’s ever camped in bear country... do you put all your food, cooking stuff, cosmetics in your vehicle or RV? Any general advice for boondocking in bear country? I’m honestly terrified!

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Answered on 6/8/2021:

We hammock camped all around Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and just kept everything in the car. We rented bear spray at the airport and kept it with us at all times. We saw a fox and a coyote at this campground. We did see 3 bears during our 2 week trip. One black bear ran across the road in front of us at night, 1 we went on a hike in a grizzly hot spot area specifically looking for them, and the other was out in a field off a main road in Yellowstone. Just be wise, keep your distance, stay in groups and keep your spray handy.
Living A Stout Life
Living A Stout Life
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Answered on 6/7/2021:

Yes, absolutely put any food and any items with any sort of fragrance to them inside when not in use. This includes toothpaste, hairspray, chips, just about anything. You don't need to be terrified, but just use good practices. It is also wise to invest in bear spray and have someone knowledgable explain how to use it. It's not difficult, but you want to understand how it works, IF you ever need it. Also think of your furry friends if you have them. Dogs, etc, shouldn't be left alone outside whether they are on a leash or not. They could be seen as prey. Again, don't be freaked out, but be diligent.
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Answered on 6/7/2021:

Yes ma’am