Question about Wekiwa Springs State Park Campground

Mandy the Beachcomber

Mandy the Beachcomber asked on 11/29/2020

Is the swimming/kayak launch area within walking distance from the camping area? (single digit sites on that loop). I'd like to know if I need a tow vehicle or golf cart - I'd really rather just walk with my paddleboard from the campsite, if it's less than, say, a half mile. Thanks, if you can shed some light on the camping-to-water details.

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Answered on 11/30/2020:

Hi Mandy! My wife and I were just at Wekiwa last month. The swimming area / kayak launch is almost exactly 1 mile from the campground. The road leading to the water from the campground is paved and walkable, but there is somewhat of an incline (grade). I would say that you could definitely walk with a paddle board, but it would be MUCH easier to use a tow vehicle or golf cart. Could it be walked? Yes, if you’re fit and want a work out. Would I want to do it? No way!! Hope this helps.