Question about Wedge Overlook

Cd asked on 4/25/2020

Has anyone pulled a camp trailer in from the Wellington side? Have heard mixed reviews on if this is possible. We love the overlook area but get tired of beating the trailer up on Buckhorn and Huntington is too far. Thanks!

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Grand Adventure
Salt Lake City, UT
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Answered on 4/25/2020:

From Wellington would definitely be a no-go. Come in from the west, either from Huntington or from just north of Castle Dale, both off UT-10. It's an easy, easy drive -- without a trailer you can easily cruise at 50 mph on most of that dirt road.
Greg T
West Valley City, UT
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Answered on 4/25/2020:

I'm confused. From Wellington it is a short hop east to hwy 10. Hwy 10 is a great road and I think the speed limit is 65. I would take about 35 minutes to get to Huntington. Like Grand Adventure said from there it is an easy drive to The Wedge Overlook. Although gravel, the road is hard packed and there are no problems at all with it.