Question about Virginian RV Park


Danny asked on 12/10/2019

I made an inquiry to reserve a RV spot in the summer of 2020 and received an e-mail from a Gmail account stating that the reservation is only final after sending my creditcard details.
The mail has some spelling mistakes, comes from an address that is not from, and states a telephone number that I can't find on their website nor on Google. It was signed by Lynn Simmons.

I'm now a bit hesitant to reply, since it gives me a distrustful feeling. Could somebody confirm or disprove my initial response?

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Answered on 12/11/2019:

i answered that saying i would like some rate info before i sent my cc info. they replied with the rate for the date i requested, i sent the cc info and i received a confirm by return email. it was weird, but i'm confirmed for labor day weekend.