Question about Valley of the Gods Dispersed Camping

zehelo asked on 12/31/2019

Hello ! I'll be there in may. I will travel in a Class C RV, 30ft long. Is it safe to go there ? We are not experienced RV drivers. I wish we can go there, but I won't take any risk (we are traveling with a baby). Thank you in advance for your answer :)

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Answered on 12/31/2019:

You should have no problem. The only challenging spot in the road if you approach from the south, is the wash at the very beginning. Once you're by that you're home free.
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Answered on 12/31/2019:

I don't think you will have any issues. Like everyone said, there is a little wash to cross, but it is not much (unless it rains, so keep an eye on that.) Beautiful place. If you took it slow, you could make the whole loop. I saw a Honda Civic do it without any issues. Enjoy, it is a beautiful place.
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Answered on 12/31/2019:

Yes it is definitely safe. We have a 38’ class A pulling a toad and had zero issues. The worst spot was right as you drive in and we drove through a little wash with water in it and that wasn’t an issue. However, you have to enter on the east side. The road gets worse the further west you go. But there will be plenty of spots to camp before the rad gets hard to navigate.
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Answered on 12/31/2019:

I've camped there and have had many friends camp at VOTG. Loup407 is correct- two entrances. I have always camped around the 'east' entrance. My friends with class A's have had zero issues. But be aware, ANYWHERE you camp off'road can be a chance of getting stuck. "Safe" is not guaranteed anywhere. But if you are going somewhere where other people generally are camping too, you should be fine. Cellular reception around there can be spotty, but should work near the main road. People will be passing by periodically so if you run into trouble, they can help you physically or by calling for help. The roads here are very hard and plenty wide, you should have no trouble with soft areas on the main road.
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Answered on 12/31/2019:

We were there once, and I posted a review. I remember it being very beautiful, very dusty, a place of great solitude. We found it safe from the standpoint of driving our 28' Airstream to the site and setting up. We didn't leave the rig because I felt uncomfortable leaving it alone with so much road traffic during the day, but with a class c I guess you won't have that issue. Have fun!
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Answered on 12/31/2019:

If you look at a map carefully, there are two entrances to VOG. The road is almost entirely dirt and may be washboarded in places. The "east" entrance is easy to miss, and will involve crossing a stream that most of the time is about an inch deep. There are often many Class C rigs that enter this way, just keep your speed down as there are some blind turns and a few abrupt bumps. You will travel north for some time and eventually the road will turn to the west (left), you'll pass many places to camp. You may not want to go much further than this, as the road will start to climb, and eventually turn south and the road will be very narrow and twisty. Our rig was 25 feet long and had no problem, other then the occasional gaper going too fast. If you enter from the "north" end (hwy 261) it's paved most of the way to the VOG B
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Answered on 5/10/2020:

Approaching VOG from the north you descend Moki Dugway from Cedar Mesa. First glance the descent looks intimidating, but in low gear it is quite manageable. Often times, Class A’s towing a vehicle will disconnect to drive separately. From above the view encompasses not only VOG, but also Monument Valley and the San Juan River goosenecks. Along the way you pass the trailhead to Grand Gulch, which affords pleasant hiking to Pueblo ruins.
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Answered on 1/2/2020:

We agree with all of the other observations! Wonderful place to visit. Our Coach House Platinum [27 ft] did fine despite our low tail [slight drag in a couple of areas]. It's very easy to find a spot without any other campers in view. 5 star boon docking in the great southwest!

Answered on 1/27/2021:

You can’t get too far in as the road is very rutted, sharp turns. We pulled over in our 28 ft number pull just inside the entrance on a bluff. Then unhooked and drove in to site see.