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783 days ago

"Great Location and Views but Not Perfect"

This area is very easy to get to, even for larger rigs. The camp area is in the middle of a grassing open plain with a number of pull off sites next to a dirt road. The road in is flat and even, but has lots of washboard type bumps which makes for... Read more

974 days ago


I really like this location and it is becoming one of my favorites for BLM boondocking. there are dozens of small roads and turnouts between golden shores and oatman which fall in the BLM dispersed camping zone. I believe there are two or three... Read more

Vulture Peak Wickenburg, AZ
995 days ago

"great location, easy access, any size rig"

whats not to like? only mins from town, this location can fit any size rig (might want to go slow on entry due to rough road). its right next to a big cell tower for verizon. AT&T signal was good, but my data flaky. does require AZ land permit $15

Rock Springs Cafe Rock Springs, AZ
1001 days ago

"parking lot with great pie cafe nearby"

as others have noted, this is a big flat gravel parking lot just off the freeway near a cafe/bar and pie shop. pie is excellent and other than traffic noise, a great place to stay

1008 days ago

"great experience and location"

fantastic place for boondocking only a couple miles from the interstate with fairly good dirt roads in and out. cell tower is line of sight for most camps in the area (directly west down the valley). you can fit most any size rig in the several... Read more

1067 days ago

"Great location w low traffic and close to town"

the road is well maintained and very easy to drive even for the biggest of rigs. upon entering there is a large flat area and shortly after the road forks left and right. both directions offer a number of spots of for most sized rigs. the right... Read more

1526 days ago

"excellent camping"

I stayed for 14 days and would highly recommend this location. that said, the single downside to this location is the road is a bit rocky and rough going in. I drove at 2mph and was very passible if you drive slow. it is a large area with many... Read more

1540 days ago

"Ok for a night"

Basically this area is a large field with small rolling hills covered in thick sage brush. the access forest road cuts through the sage brush from the highway and is easy to navigate at slow speeds. there are flattened areas off the access road... Read more

Torrance County Park Edgewood, NM
1542 days ago

"Overall a great place"

There are very few downsides to this location for camping or boondocking. there are lots of sites open for rigs of almost any size. roads are fairly good near the beginning, but lots of ruts and difficult areas further back. trees separate sites... Read more

1562 days ago

"not many spaces"

this is basically two parking lots near a trail head with a few other places where you can camp near the road to the side. there are a lot of ATVs that like to come through here and when I was there, four trailers were all running generators. I... Read more
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"Great Location and Views but Not Perfect"
Vulture Peak
Wickenburg, AZ
"great location, easy access, any size rig"
Rock Springs Cafe
Rock Springs, AZ
"parking lot with great pie cafe nearby"
"great experience and location"
"Great location w low traffic and close to town"
"Ok for a night"
Torrance County Park
Edgewood, NM
"Overall a great place"
"not many spaces"
Veterans Park
Lordsburg, NM
"Great for one night"
"nearly perfect"
"Easy access, close to the city"
"Nice trees and mountain views"
"On Edge Canyon Overlooking Rio Grande"
"Beautiful forest and creek"
Idaho Street 12 Hour Lot
Idaho Springs, CO
"Now a Pay by the Hour Parking Lot"
Fortuna Pond
Yuma, AZ
"Nice pond with many birds"
"Nice Level Camping"
"Soon to be DAY ACCESS only"
A-1 Mountain Road
Flagstaff, AZ
"Great location"
"Easy access, close to the city"
"Nice lake for camping and fishing"
"Beautiful Lake, Sunsets and Clouds"

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