1116 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Great Park"

This is a very nice park, clean, nice showers and rest rooms. I was lucky to come in on a Monday morning and get a nice spot. The scenery is great and people were nice. Unfortunately, after I left, a friend texted me to let me know that ALL... Read more

1130 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Amazing Scenery!"

This is a nicely kept park. There is one area for those wanting hookups, but if you want to be nestled near the boulders, the parks are all dry camping. You can wander around the boulders and you'll be amazed by what was created by a volcano... Read more

1374 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Great scenery!"

This is a National Forest campground with no hookups, except for one loop. This is run by a concession instead of the Forest, but the Senior Pass and Access Pass are honored, making it reasonable to stay here. This campground has multiple loops... Read more

1385 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

Ballard RV Park Thompson, UT
1389 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Convenient to Moab!"

This park is about 30 miles from Moab, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Sites are pull-thru, gravel and easily accessible - and very long! We mostly dealt with Dave in the office and he couldn't have been more accommodating... Read more

1391 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Boondocking in Utah near Strawberry Reservoir"

This is a large area of National Forest land, which campers share with cattle. There are wide open spaces where 2 or 3 rigs can share campsites. The area is about 4-5 miles on Strawberry Road toward the Strawberry Bay Campsites and marina, and... Read more

1400 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Great Forest Service campground"

The scenery here is great - my site had a great view of the lake. I really enjoyed the stay here, except for a few days we had a haze from forest fires across the lake. The camp hosts were very helpful and the place was clean. The campground is... Read more

1453 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Great FREE BLM campground"

This campground is easy access off Route 50 in Nevada - America's Loneliest Road. It has nicely spaced sites, some with a great view of the reservoir. It was a bit windy while I was there, but it's up on a plateau. There is no cell service, and... Read more

Pioche City Park Pioche, NV
1464 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Great FREE RV sites!"

Nice little town - and wonderful free campsites, although they do ask for donations. It includes water and sewer and you can stay here for 7 nights. Right in town for exploring. Unfortunately, no grocery store here, but only 10 miles away in... Read more

Goodale Creek Campground Independence, CA
1480 days ago

Sloopygirl 15 reviews

"Nice little BLM campground"

This campground had lots of extra sites while I was there, possibly I was early in the season. The view was great, as you can see from the photo. The town of Big Pine was not far away and the road to the Ancient Bristlecone National Monument was... Read more
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"Great Park"
"Amazing Scenery!"
"Great scenery!"
Ballard RV Park
Thompson, UT
"Convenient to Moab!"
"Boondocking in Utah near Strawberry Reservoir"
"Great Forest Service campground"
"Great FREE BLM campground"
Pioche City Park
Pioche, NV
"Great FREE RV sites!"
Goodale Creek Campground
Independence, CA
"Nice little BLM campground"
Fossil Falls Campground
Little Lake, CA
"Great BLM Campground"
Crowley Lake Campground
Mammoth Lakes, CA
"Great BLM campground"
Goodale Creek Campground
Independence, CA
"Great little BLM campground off Route 395"
Storrie Lake State Park
Las Vegas, NM
"Never again."
"Great place"
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Land Cruising Adventure: El Vado State Park | New Mexico

  I wasn't sure I was going to like this state park, but the scenery is great!  I really enjoyed my stay here, but I sure was missing trees for shade.  And the internet - there's basically no sign...

Land Cruising Adventure: Tetilla Peak Corps of Engineers | Cochiti | New Mexico

  For some reason, the Rio Grande River is very muddy at this point.  This area has a campground that's spacious and is miles from civilization.        It looks like the river is low at this...

Land Cruising Adventure: Caballo Lake State Park | New Mexico

 This is a great scene not too far from where I was camped.  During the weekend, this area is packed with tents, trailers and lots of people.  I love the water and there are so many p...

Land Cruising Adventure: City of Rocks State Park | New Mexico

City of Rocks is an amazing area that was created by a volcano centuries ago.  The area surrounding the rocks is a flat meadow area.   All the rocks are amazingly unique, I love the ones with...

Land Cruising Adventure: Snow Canyon State Park | Utah

A former sailor buys an RV and travels west for adventure.

Land Cruising Adventure: Red Canyon | Utah

If you're headed to Bryce Canyon National Park from the west, you will pass through the Red Canyon.  Before you get to the Red Canyon, you're driving through nice green meadows with patches of tr...

Land Cruising Adventure: City of Rocks State Park | New Mexico

  Sometime way back about 40 million years ago, there was a volcanic eruption in area of the southwest corner of what is now New Mexico.  This was the first step in producing what is now called th...

Land Cruising Adventure: Heron Lake State Park | New Mexico

   Ospreys are in the southwest as well as places like Florida -  I was surprised to find them here.  I found a nest that I was able to photograph, after waiting patiently. She then "flew the coo...

Land Cruising Adventure: Eagle Nest State Park | New Mexico

Mornings are pretty here and I have been out taking hikes in different areas of the lake. This is a white pelican and he has black on his wings that you only see when he's flying.  I have mad...

Land Cruising Adventure: Sugarite Canyon State Park | New Mexico

Sugarite Canyon State Park is outside the town of Raton in northeast New Mexico.  It's really not that far out, but worlds away from the interstate and the town.  It's a canyon, which means on ea...

Land Cruising Adventure: Clayton Lake State Park | New Mexico

  This is Clayton Lake, and to the right are what's left of old cottonwood trees that were alive before they started building the dam.      This is the type of land that I drove by to get to...

Land Cruising Adventure: Palo Duro Canyon State Park | Texas

Palo Duro Canyon has been compared to the Grand Canyon by some people.  The big difference is that you're down among the rock formations, instead of standing on the rim.  There isn't really a rim...

Land Cruising Adventure: Convict Lake | Crowley Lake | BLM | California

This was my first glimpse of Convict Lake in California.  Supposedly, the name was given to this lake when convicts were found hiding in the area. Unfortunately, the weather was not c...

Land Cruising Adventure: Cathedral Gorge State Park | Nevada

On the way to the Cathedral Gorge State Park I passed  a road that takes travelers to an overlook.  As far as I know, it is outside the state park, but impressive.  This area is just south of Pio...

Land Cruising Adventure: Sacramento Pass BLM Campground | Nevada

Most BLM campgrounds are wonderful, this was in the middle of almost nowhere, right off Route 50 in Nevada.  And it is free!  The little pond makes it interesting and that's my 5th wheel just bey...

Land Cruising Adventure: A'Le'Inn | Rachel | Nevada

  This is the only sign I have seen for this highway, although it is marked as such on both my maps.  There are no gas stations for many miles in either direction.  When I turned onto this road, t...

Land Cruising Adventure: Nebo Loop | Ponderosa Campground | Nephi | Utah

From Nevada, I landed in Nephi, Utah.  There is a great scenic drive nearby, these are some of the sights I saw on the trip around.  Below is the Devil's Kitchen - you have to walk down a short t...

Land Cruising Adventure: Devil's Canyon Campground | Wilson's Arch | Utah

  On one of my morning hikes, I noticed a few deer in the distance and as I kept sneaking up on them, noticed this one just sitting calmly among the others.  I kept sneaking up on her, taking phot...

Land Cruising Adventure: Thompson Springs | Utah

Antelope!  They seem to wander around near the train tracks in this little community.  They were a little shy, but they did pose long enough for me to get this shot. This hotel has seen it's best...

Land Cruising Adventure: Strawberry Reservoir | Utah

  This is a very small area of the Strawberry Reservoir.  For those who are curious, I never saw any strawberries growing around here.  There are 7 campgrounds scattered around this part of the la...

Land Cruising Adventure: Mud Creek | BLM | Utah

  This is my view of some of my neighbors after a storm that included 3 episodes of hail and lots of rain.  The storm lasted until late in the evening, but even before that, my site was full of mu...

Land Cruising Adventure: Forest Fires | Soldier Creek Forest Service Campground | Utah

Soldier Creek Campground belongs to the Forest Service, it is part of the Strawberry Reservoir but it took about 12 miles to get to the this side.  It's a very nice campground, and I had a really s...

Land Cruising Adventure: Nebo Loop | Ponderosa Campground | Nephi | Utah

From Nevada, I landed in Nephi, Utah.  There is a great scenic drive nearby, these are some of the sights I saw on the trip around.  Below is the Devil's Kitchen - you have to walk down a short t...

Land Cruising Adventure: Ely | Ward Mountain Forest Service Campground | Nevada

Ely is proud of their murals, there are quite a few.  The one above shows the railroad being built and the one below shows the Ward Charcoal Ovens, located just outside the town about 10 miles.  Th...

Land Cruising Adventure: Illipah Reservoir BLM Campground | Nevada

  Bureau of Land Management does a great job with campgrounds.  This one is easy to find, just a mile or so off Route 50, which claims to be the "loneliest road in America".      The campgro...

Land Cruising Adventure: Pioche | Nevada

  Pioche is a very small town, no stop lights, no grocery store and very little traffic.  But, they appreciate RV people so much that they have set aside a free campground for them, even though th...

Land Cruising Adventure: Oasis State Park | Portales | New Mexico

  This is where I spent the Labor Day holiday weekend.  It was a nice quiet park with prairies all around.  This next shot is my campsite, actually only half of it because it was so shaded at that...

Land Cruising Adventure: Tuttle Creek Camp | BLM | Alabama Hills | California

 Tuttle Creek is a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) campground about 5 miles from Lone Pine on Route 395 in California.  It's a nice campground, but the spots are not very spacious and the two I tr...

Land Cruising Adventure: Sawtooth Canyon Campground | BLM | Barstow | California

Sawtooth Canyon Campground | BLM | Barstow | California This was my campsite at Sawtooth Campground, a BLM camp as well as a destinatio...

Land Cruising Adventure: Fossil Falls | BLM Campground | California

This is a small campground right off Route 395 in the Eastern Sierra Mountains in California.  Volcanic rock and typical desert flora make up the scenery, as well as the mountains off in the dist...

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Land Cruising Adventure: Goodale Creek Campground | BLM | California

This was a very scenic campground, snow dusting all the mountains.  Another nice BLM campground, but at least when I was there, not many campers.  Snow was all over the mountain peaks, but d...

Land Cruising Adventure: Las Vegas | New Mexico | Storrie Lake State Park

  This was my view at Storrie Lake State Park.  It was a nice view - most of the time......   I'll come back to that later.  While I was exploring the town, I found some interesting old buildings,...

Land Cruising Adventure: McPhee Reservoir, Colorado

McPhee Reservoir, Colorado I wish I could say that the above photo was the scene out my window, but it's only a short walk away. I've bee...

Land Cruising Adventure: Scenery around Moab Utah

  This photo, and the one below, are my views where I've been staying in Moab. It's on BLM land, no hookups, but the scenery is spectacular.  I have no idea how high this wall is, but it's across th...

Land Cruising Adventure: Fruita, Utah - Capitol Reef National Park

Fruita, Utah - Capitol Reef National Park Back in the 1880s, a few Mormon settlers moved into the canyon in the area that is now the campg...

Land Cruising Adventure: Return to Moab

After a visit to Capitol Reef National Park and a short stopover in a little town off Interstate 70, I came back to Moab to relax before heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet up with a few ot...

Land Cruising Adventure: Leasburg Dam State Park, New Mexico

I spent most of last summer exploring quite a few of the state parks in New Mexico. Leasburg Dam was one I missed, so I stopped here this year on my way through. This park is easy to find, very...

Land Cruising Adventure: Quartzsite, Arizona | Camping in the Desert

I came to Quartzsite because of a propane leak and I knew the RV season here would be ending and the fix-it guys would have time to deal with it.  I made contact with one of them before I left Tu...

Land Cruising Adventure: Lake Mead National Recreation Area

      After some of the weather calmed down from the wind and rain, we had a few days of bright sunny days before more bad weather set in. Of course, I set out wandering around with my camera. I fou...

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