Jason & Barb

21 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

"Great place to park an RV"

If you are looking for an RV "resort" a place that will entertain you, then do not come here. If you are looking for a safe place to park your RV while you visit the sites around Knoxville, this is the place you want. About 40 minutes to... Read more

27 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

33 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

"Not big rig friendly"

Big rig motorhomes should not plan to stay here. We were forced to use a 30-amp spot at the top of the hill and wedged into a spot. Most of the spots are a terrace on the side of the "mountain" like topography. Front to back a 5ver can adjust... Read more

44 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

"Great campground like feel"

Many of the campgrounds in the area are really just RV parking lots. While the spaces are still tight, there are still lots of trees and landscaping to make it feel more like a campground and not just RV parking. Number one complaint is that the... Read more

181 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

"Tough motorhome leveling"

Most of the sites are seasonal, but some of the most friendly people we have encountered. Every seasonal person waived or said high as they went by the 8 "transient" sites that are packed alongside the campground. The transient sites during the... Read more

Curry Park Campground Ironwood, MI
275 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

275 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

"Great view"

The site map is very confusing, the person that true it must have been spatially challenged! We were in site 14, which is literally on top of site 16 (a tent site) and tight up against 15 and 13. We were originally in site 45, but that is just a... Read more

Gunter Hill Campground Montgomery, AL
403 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

"Bad Verizon and AT&T"

We could not stay here, we were unable to get a stable AT&T and Verizon signal, mostly 3G signals. Test results were sporadic at best. Beautiful sites on the water, but very tight getting a big rig there. If you are not good with your big rig... Read more

472 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews

Three Flags RV Resort Wildwood, FL
472 days ago

Jason & Barb 42 reviews
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"Great place to park an RV"
"Not big rig friendly"
"Great campground like feel"
"Tough motorhome leveling"
Gunter Hill Campground
Montgomery, AL
"Bad Verizon and AT&T"
Sunshine Holiday RV Park
Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Urban RVing"
Terre Haute Campground
Terre Haute, IN
"Bad cell service, great park"
Tiki RV Park & Campground
St. Ignace, MI
"Escapees discounts"
"Excellent campground with some issues"
"Gate is locked at night, big rig sort of friendly"
"Little hairy getting there"
"All pull through sites"
"Not RVer friendly"
River Junction
Lone Tree, IA
"NOT big rig friendly"
"Excellent off grid stay"
"Excellent base camp"
Lakeview Campground
Ten Sleep, WY
"High altitude failure"
Ten Sleep RV Park
Ten Sleep, WY
"Shady and calm"
Wild Bill's Campground
Deadwood, SD
"No internet, tight spots, beautiful"
"Great I-90 overnighter"
Hoffman City Park
River Falls, WI
"$20 / night now"
Yellow Banks County Park
Des Moines, IA
"Great little gem"
"Open 365 days"
Agricenter RV Park
Memphis, TN
"Very tight, practice safety"
"No AT&T"
"Great AT&T!"
"Don't blink as you drive by! Internet sucks"
"Easy access to Disney"
"A Pinch Hit Park"
Camp Inn RV Resort
Frostproof, FL
"No Internet Access"
"Check Your Pride at the Registration Desk!"
"A soggy place to park your RV"
Pigeon Forge-Gatlinburg KOA
Pigeon Forge, TN
"A KOA experience"
"Peaceful city living!"
"No cell signal!!"
St. Louis RV Park
St Louis, MO
"Enter from the north!"
"Level rural sites"
Antigo Lake RV Park
Antigo, WI
"Full $20 and others for $10"
"Site #'s are on the road!"
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Earned 3 Badges at RedBird Recreation Area

The Redbird State Recreation Area is located about one hour Southwest of Indianapolis and is an Indiana State Recreational Area (SRA.)  There are a number of activities you can choose to do in this...

Nashville and Seven Points COE

From Terra Haute, Indiana, we made our way South an additional four hours for a week stop at the Seven Points Army Corp of Engineers (COE) campground outside of Nashville. We had tickets at the Ryma...

Florida Everglades

After spending an overnight at the Faded Glory Bistro Harvest Hosts, we stayed for two weeks at the Ortona South Army Corp of Engineers campground. This park is firmly seated in the “out in the midd...

Mackinac Island and Year 3 Here We Come!

Our route for the fall of 2019 through the spring of 2020. Each leg represented by a different color. Starting out from Minnesota in the middle of September, down to Orlando by middle of October, th...

Blackhawk RV Campground, Milton, WI

In July 2019 we stayed at the Blackhawk RV Campground, which is a family campground that was purchased approximately four years ago by RV on the Go and added to the Encore property list. We stayed h...

Oma and Opa!

It is inconceivable that we are already at the end of July 2019! Two years ago this time we were pushing hard to have our home ready for photos to be taken for the real estate listing. We had missed...


We spend a week on the Chattahoochee River in Georgia at an Army Corp of Engineers campground. The site was perfect for pulling the motor home in and pointing the windshield at the beach. (Site 92, Cot...

M-I Crooked Letter Crooked Letter

Technically we were in Louisiana but explored Natchez Mississippi area while meeting up with new friends. Our travels are taking us to many different parts of the country and this give us an opportuni...

Stinky Water River

Exactly how many carcasses have to be dumped in a spot to get a sign erected? July 3rd rodeo was very cold, the North wind picked up to about 20 MPH when it was around 50 degrees. Burrrr for Jul...

Nostalgic on Route 66

Exploring the ole Route 66 area alongside the Meramec River in Eureka, MO. Reduced Urrp! Hopefully, we have made progress on the urrp issue. Barb read about putting golf balls in the food dish to...


Our cats demand that Arkansas need to fix their roads! Dreaded water system failure. It was a quiet, wet and rainy week in Memphis. The weather systems in the “mid-south” are very wicked, the baromete...

Are We Safe Here?

There are muggings, froggings, ropings and broncos in Memphis, TN. We came to the realization this week that if we count when we moved out of t...

Sick sick sick!

Was there an extra day in this week? So much happened and yet so little happened at the same time. We end our two-week stay on the “edge” of Walt Disney World resort in a Thousand Trails park at the...


We see hundreds of beautiful sea cows, witness a rocket headed out of this world and see penguins dancing in It’s a Small World! Sea, space and distant lands in one week! We spent the week in Clermont...

We Encounter a Bear!

Jason’s parents visit, we celebrate Christmas, fight the sniffles and meet some awesome new RV friends We celebrated Christmas in January with Jason’s parents that visited with their RV, opening the gi...

Near Death Experience

We survived a harrowling near death experience together! “Near death experience” might be a bit subjective. Barb saw her life flash before her eyes while being tossed up and down in the Tower of Terror...

Winter Winter Everywhere!

Jack frost visits the area and we keep reminding ourselves of this great blessing we have to be on the road full time south of all the cold fun....

Plus two Florida!

Florida residents? yes, we are! We have made it to the land of the sun, palm trees and warm weather! On Sunday we traveled from South Carolina to our “domicile” location in Bushnell, FL. Seems impossib...

Acorns Keep Falling on My Head!

We dip our toes in the Atlantic Ocean and mark out our “beginning” to the West coast. We were so blessed by beautiful weather earlier in our week and the “smoky” mountains started to live up to their n...

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