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"Worth it just for the recreational trail"
Doran Regional Park
Bodega Bay, CA
"Windy? Oh yes."
Taidnapam Park
Glenoma, WA
"Delightful Spring Camping at Taidnapam"
Belfair State Park
Belfair, WA
"A great winter getaway at Grayland Beach"
Wennatchee confluence state park Doran regional park Taidnapam park Belfair state park Grayland beach state park
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The Olympic Peninsula Strikes Again

I follow all sorts of great forums and social media groups focused on camping and glamping, so I get to see a lot of appealing camping venues and RV parks. They’re everywhere! However, the most appeali...

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Fort Flagler is named for a guy named Daniel

That’s Daniel Webster Flagler, who was a general in the U.S. Army during the American Civil War. Daniel, who is no longer with us but who got his name on a fort–not a bad deal–was the Army’s Chief of O...

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Huh. There's gotta be a mosquito around here somewhere.

Last month Team Toto made its way to the Crater Lake area of south-central Oregon, so we could rendezvous with long-time friends from California and perform product tests for Johnson  & Johnson, makers...

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Snowboarding in July!

It’s true: in Oregon you can ride some admittedly aged snow on your snowboard, if that’s a thing you do. I have not tried it but maybe next winter. Maybe not. The idea has come up because, on our way h...

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Ohanapecosh, out of order

There is so much more to tell about our Oregon coast trip last month, but at the moment, while it’s fresh, here’s a quick take on the Ohanapecosh campground, in the southeast corner of Mount Rainier Na...

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Oregon Coast: Nehalem Bay State Park

Last month we took a three-week trip down — and back up — the Oregon coast. We are not lovers of hot weather, so we figured midsummer is the right time to head for the coast. We tried to prepare for a...

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Wenatchee, Apple Capital of the World | Follow Toto

That’s right — it’s the Apple Capital of the World. It says so in big letters everywhere you look in Wenatchee. As we approached, and while we were there, and as we left, and then later as we came back...

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Belfair State Park Camping | Follow Toto

I don’t know where I was there, for a while, but now I do. I mean I knew where I was, but I also knew I wasn’t writing. But now I am. I’ll explain later. We took off last week for a six-day, five-night...

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Champoeg State Park in Oregon | Follow Toto

On our way to the Spring NOG at Waterloo we spent a very pleasant evening at Champoeg State Park, about an hour southwest of Portland, Oregon. We only had a little bit of time to explore, but hey, we’r...

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Toto meets the Columbia River Gorge | Follow Toto

Hey, have you ever been to the Columbia River Gorge? If not, drop everything and get over there. It’s not just scenic, it’s a Designated Scenic Area, or something like that. Team Toto just spent three...

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Upscale, yes. Camping, no. But a sure bet. | Follow Toto

(Zero feathers were harmed to create this blogpost.) On our way home from California, we stayed a night at the Seven Feathers RV Resort in the hill country of southwest Oregon. It is the most luxurious...

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Summer Camping at Grayland Beach State Park | Follow Toto

After overwhelming encouragement, from readers like you, for visiting the coast instead of Hood Canal, Team Toto cruised out to Grayland Beach State Park on the central Washington coast. We’ve been the...

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Toto and TinMan head to Taidnapam Park | Follow Toto

Nine months ago we reserved a campsite at Taidnapam Park in central Washington. The park is owned and operated by Tacoma Public Utilities, and this is on account of back in the 1950s they built a big d...

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Wandering around Fort Stevens State Park | Follow Toto

This is our first stay ever at an Oregon State Park. These parks are highly regarded by campground reviewers from all over, but you know how that goes: it could have all been propaganda. Oregon funds i...

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A different kind of kayak camping. | Follow Toto

A different kind of kayak camping. August 25, 2015 By drpaddle 4 Comments I got to go paddling three times during our stay at Belfair State Park. Yippee! Sooz made this possible by agreeing to hang...

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Team Toto visits Deception Pass | Follow Toto

Forced by work obligations to forego a planned trip to the annual Escape Trailer Customer Appreciation Rally in British Columbia, we consoled ourselves with an unplanned visit to Deception Pass State P...

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Camping trip to Cape Disappointment State Park | Follow Toto

This is North Head Lighthouse, located within Cape Disappointment State Park in extreme southwest Washington, USA. I know it looks like a summer scene, but I took this shot on February 23rd. Yes, our e...

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Beals Point Campground, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area | Follow Toto

Our 11-day trip to California is complete, without any undue hardships and with some great memories, too. So busy, though — not much time to share with you while we were out. So, hey, here is a place w...

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