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Boondocking Honey's Arco Idaho | Travel Is Sweet

Have you ever woken up and wished you could stay in the warmth and comfort of your bed? Especially, when we crawl out of bed to be greeted by sub zero temperatures! Confirming that we need to replace t...

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Boondocking Clark Hill Rest Stop | Travel Is Sweet

Ascending to the heavens, majestic eagles effortlessly soaring on the thermal up drafts. Circling, they eye the surrounding landscape. Focused on one thing and one thing only, their next meal. Suddenly...

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Boondocking Lava Hot Springs Idaho | Travel Is Sweet

Sitting on 60 mph (96 kph) the constant drone of Cup Cakes’ wheels on the highway is broken by the sudden and wild rush of displaced air. Sending her into a frantic pitch away from the larger, faster m...

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Boondocking Cedar Draw Park Filer Idaho | Travel Is Sweet

As the sounds of truck engines encroach into my dream, I realise that the sub conscious state I am in is not my reality. Quickly the slumbering mind awakes to loud, persistent drones of multiple truck...

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Boondocking Bonneville Salt Flats Utah | Travel Is Sweet

Motor racing enthusiast will have heard of Bonneville Salt Flats. If speed is your thing then, this is a place for you. Land speed records have been set here with famed British racer Sir Malcolm Campbe...

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Boondocking Winnemucca Nevada | Travel Is Sweet

Where is Winnemucca you ask? It is in the middle of nowhere, would be my reply! Well that is what it feels like when you are driving from Fernley to here. Winnemucca is situated in the north of the sta...

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Boondocking Diamond Mountain Casino Susanville CA | Travel Is Sweet

Our next location is boondocking Diamond Mountain Casino in Susanville California. Only a short drive from our last stop at Eagle Lake, we arrive to find a spacious parking lot. After doing a few laps...

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Boondocking Eagle Lake California | Travel Is Sweet

Cruising through snow-capped covered mountains was not what we were expecting on this trip. However, we have found that winter tends to last longer here than back home in Australia. We seem to go from...

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Boondocking Desert Rose Casino Alturas | Travel Is Sweet

You would think we love casinos, considering where we have stayed. Our next location is boondocking Desert Rose Casino Alturas. On our way to this location we stopped via All RV Needs in Klamath Falls,...

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Boondocking Kla-Mo-Ya Casino Chiloquin Oregon | Travel Is Sweet

Sitting in a Casino car park maybe not everyone’s cup of tea!!! And to be honest it usually isn’t ours either. However unusual times call for unusual measures. Being that we are in very unusual times w...

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Boondocking in the US Celilo Park Oregon | Travel Is Sweet

WHAT THE…. is Boondocking, us Aussies will ask? We had the same response not that long ago. But, boondocking is exactly what Travel is Sweet is doing on our 9 month adventure around the US and Canada....

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