Solid Rock


El Dorado Fairgrounds
Placerville, CA
"Different Than We Expected"
"Wish we had longer"
"We had a great time!"
"Love Southern Cali!"
"Great Park Must Stay!"
Tradewinds RV Park
Vallejo, CA
"Worked for us!"

Blog Posts

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Vintage Redwood RV And The Lost Coast! (Less House More Living) Fulltime RV

We stayed at this great RV Park called Richardson Grove Campground ( ) and drove the Avenue Of The Giants. We found one of the first ever made RVs and it was carved...

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Wilderness Lakes ( DIY RV Pressure Regulator)

We are at Thousand trails Wilderness Lakes and take a day to enjoy the park we are staying in. We head to the pool before we have an intense round of golf. I then take a trip to Home depot to better...

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Almost Broke My Lens!

Published on Feb 25, 2017We made it to California and explore what the RV Park PIO PICO has to offer. We found an RC Track and the car went off the jump right into the lens. Categor...

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How Did We End Up Here? (Less House More Living)

We were looking for a good deal on a Passport America RV Park and found Valencia Travel Village. They had a great deal on tickets for magic mountain so we said why not let's go for it! We were told y...