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734 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"Rustic, Secluded, and Peaceful"

Great place. Just read the title of this review over again. I've never been to an rv park more peaceful. Drawbacks: nothing but a diner and a Flying J (both very close) for almost an hour in any direction. Also, there's nobody running the... Read more

Pony Express RV Resort North Salt Lake, UT
734 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"Not Too Shabby"

The biggest drawback here is that most campers can't park their tow car at their site. We usually had to park it a couple minute walk away. Not a huge deal since we need the exercise. The sites in our row were on a very slight incline from... Read more

Ambassador RV Resort Caldwell, ID
734 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"Might Be Nice **IF** You Have Good Neighbors"

I must admit, the park is well maintained, but a little cooperation from the staff would have made our stay vastly better... As soon as we arrived, I knew we'd have trouble with the neighbors. They had grills outside, extra tables, chairs, and... Read more

837 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews


Everything's bigger in Texas! ...except RV parks, apparently. These are the tightest spaces we saw anywhere between the Dakotas and Mexico. This is one of only two RV parks I've ever been to where a guy leads you to your site and then hovers... Read more

839 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"It Served Its Purpose"

We stayed here over a week, moved spaces in the middle of our stay. Decent site quality overall, though we found the placement of the water hookups too far for our 15' normal white potable water hose, so we used our backup green garden hose... Read more

Canyon Trail RV Resort San Marcos, TX
839 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"No Staff, No Bathrooms"

There's nobody in the office. Ever. That's how they do it here. You pull an envelope out of a box, put money in it, and drop it in a slot in the door. You also have to call a moody old lady and get her permission to stay there. There used to be... Read more

Twin Fountains RV Park Oklahoma City, OK
839 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"What A Campground Should Be"

It's not the cheapest campground, but you get what you pay for. The bathrooms could have used another shower stall or 2, but they were clean and well-sized. Those are honestly my only complaints: need more men's showers and just a slightly... Read more

840 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"Don't Believe The Previous Reviews!"

These are probably the tightest spaces I've ever seen in an RV park. Most of the people here were incredibly loud, the staff was not particularly friendly or accommodating. They only allow access to the good showers during business hours and you... Read more

852 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"Watch For Bad Outlets"

Our first site had no power when we first arrived. Maintenance guy was sent over and so he wiggled the receptacles and breakers. Then his meter read that there was power. He hooked us up and it fried our breaker. It didn't just trip the breaker,... Read more

Tower Campground Sioux Falls, SD
900 days ago

MacRodge 39 reviews

"Not Terrible..."

First night there, the guy in the 5th wheel next to us started watching news on his OUTDOOR TV in 20 degree weather, volume loud enough for us to hear it in our coach with all windows closed, furnace running, etc. No exaggeration--it was probably... Read more
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"Rustic, Secluded, and Peaceful"
Pony Express RV Resort
North Salt Lake, UT
"Not Too Shabby"
Ambassador RV Resort
Caldwell, ID
"Might Be Nice **IF** You Have Good Neighbors"
"It Served Its Purpose"
Canyon Trail RV Resort
San Marcos, TX
"No Staff, No Bathrooms"
Twin Fountains RV Park
Oklahoma City, OK
"What A Campground Should Be"
"Don't Believe The Previous Reviews!"
"Watch For Bad Outlets"
Tower Campground
Sioux Falls, SD
"Not Terrible..."
D & W Lake RV Park
Champaign, IL
"An All-Around Class Act"
Tomorrow's Stars RV Resort
South Charleston, OH
"Good Experience Here"
Chestnut Ridge Regional Park
Bruceton Mills, WV
Old Cedar Campground
Monroeville, NJ
"The Heartland of New Jersey"
"Great Camping Near Jersey Shore And Wharton State Forest"
Timberland Lake Campground
Cream Ridge, NJ
"So-so Campground Near Six Flags"
"Outstanding Campground In North Jersey"
"Poconos Central"
Silver Valley Campsites
Saylorsburg, PA
"Noisy And Unlevel"
Mohegan Sun Pocono
Wilkes Barre, PA
"Quiet, Convenient, and Free"
Council Cup Campground
Wapwallopen, PA
"Not The Best Of The Poconos"
"Great Spot!"
Sportsman Campground
Radford, VA
"Campground Needs Love"
Mayberry Campground
Mount Airy, NC
"Very Attractively Landscaped"
Cove Creek RV Park
Old Fort, NC
"Beautiful Views"
Yates Family Camping
Harrisburg, NC
"Reach Out And Touch Your Neighbors!"
"The Most Unlevel Sites Ever"
"Free Laundry! Free Firewood! Free...Petting Zoo?"
Ponderosa RV Park
Rocky Ford, GA
"Small Campground On A Hillside"
Betty's RV Park
Beech Island, SC
"No Frills RV Park at a Fair Price"
"Nice Little Community"
Rodman Campground
Palatka, FL
"Who Needs A Cell Phone Signal?"
Faver Dykes State Park
St. Augustine, FL
"Isolated Campsite, Pretty Nice For The Price"
"Best Parking Lot Camping Ever"
"Nice and Close to Charleston"
"Not Just A Parking Lot"
Winner's RV Park
Carolina Beach, NC
"Very Small RV Park In Good Location"
"Decent place but watch out for snakes!"
"Very nice, quiet, inexpensive offseason camping."
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