Bounding Around


A.W. Marion State Park
Circleville, OH
"Small cute campground"
"New campground - nicely done but expensive"
Louisville North Campground
Clarksville, IN
"Place to stay close to downtown Louisville"
Hot Springs Campground
Hot Springs, NC
"Nice campground walking distance to town"
"Awesome campground on the lake"
"Great campground!"
Paris Mountain State Park
Greenville, SC
"Peaceful and beautiful"
Lake Powhatan Campground
Asheville, NC
"Clean, quiet campground in the woods"
"Convenient and clean campground"
"Great location with lots to do!"
Edisto Beach State Park
Edisto Island, SC
"Beach camping that will spoil you!"
James Island County Park
Charleston, SC
"Awesome location to explore Charleston and visit Folly Beach!"
Buck Hall Recreation Area
McClellanville, SC
"Awesome location on the Intercoastal Waterway!"
Colleton State Park
Walterboro, SC
"Fun day kayaking Edisto River"
Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC
"Alligators and Roseate Spoonbills!"

Blog Posts

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Bardstown: My Old Kentucky Home - Bounding Around

Bourbon barrels Two years ago we planned on taking a trip to Kentucky to visit the Bourbon Trail.  However, for one reason or another that trip didn’t happen.  It DID happen on our RV journey though!...

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Dillon State Park - Bounding Around

We left A.W. Marion to head to Dillon.  Of course, it wasn’t that easy.  We had the slides in and jacks up – everything was ready to go.  We started up the engine and nothing.  The battery was dead....

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Pittsburgh, PA - Bounding Around

Amazon Firestick has a screensaver that scrolls through random beautiful pictures, and at one point, maybe a year ago, I was amazed by a picture of a city at the confluence of three rivers that kept...

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Ohiopyle State Park - Bounding Around

After our stay at Beaver Creek and our day trip to Pittsburgh, we started heading south and ended up at Ohiopyle State Park. Ohiopyle was recommended to us by our friends from A.W. Marion because it...

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Claytor Lake State Park - Bounding Around

After our snowy weekend in Morgantown, we only had a week and a half to make it back to South Carolina for Thanksgiving.  Therefore, we had to get in some longer days!  We left Morgantown and drove...

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A.W. Marion State Park – Bounding Around

We had our first Walmart parking lot night our first night in Ohio, but we had a really hard time deciding on places to stay after that. We were getting close to Halloween, and a lot of Ohio state p...

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Twin Knobs Recreation Area – Bounding Around

Leaving Louisville was the first time that we honestly didn’t know where we would go next.  We have to be back in South Carolina with Austin’s family for Thanksgiving, but we are completely free fro...

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Hot Springs – Bounding Around

After our fun night out, we packed up the next morning and hit the road.  Off to Hot Springs, NC!  Friends told us about this campground, and we are glad they did.  Hot Springs is a cute tiny town...

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Louisville North Campground – Bounding Around

I was super excited to visit Louisville since I have several college friends that live there.  We made reservations at a campground that is actually in Indiana just across the Ohio River from downto...

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Mammoth Cave National Park – Maple Springs Campground – Bounding Around

I don’t think I even realized there was a national park in Kentucky (or Ohio) until we started planning routes, but when we found out about Mammoth Cave we decided to check it out. Leigh decided to...

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Campfire Lodgings – Bounding Around

Amazing sunset Before we even started looking at RV’s, I was surfing around on Campendium to get an idea of what RV parks were like, and I kept coming back to one in Asheville that had amazing mounta...

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Asheville’s Bear Creek – Bounding Around

Chromeo at the Orange Peel Leigh has a long list of things that she’s always wanted to do, and we are trying to cross off some of them on this trip. One of the things is to see a show at the Orange P...

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Lake Powhatan Campground – Bounding Around

Sunset on the Blueridge Parkway We spent a little over a week at Lake Powhatan Campground right outside of Asheville and really enjoyed our time.  However, we didn’t expect to have ZERO cell phone/in...

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Paris Mountain State Park – Bounding Around

Lake in the park Summer of 2018 will be one that we will always remember!  We sold our house, purchased and renovated a RV (more on that soon), downsized to live in our RV and during it all I had sur...

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Our First National Park via RV – Bounding Around

We have both been to several National Parks on our own, but only one together!  We have officially been to our first National Park of our relationship and the RV journey – Congaree National Park. We...

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Edisto Beach State Park – Bounding Around

If you are lucky enough to snag a reservation at the Edisto Beach Campground don’t ask questions – just book it!  We absolutely loved our time at Edisto.  So much that while we were still at the cam...

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Our First Campground – James Island County Park – Bounding Around

We closed on our house in early July and had to be out on July 17th.  We had a slight mishap that delayed us a day, but we finally made it to the campground on the 18th!  Our first destination was J...

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Buck Hall Recreation Area – Bounding Around

We left Huntington Beach State Park and were headed back to Charleston, SC.  We noticed a campground halfway between the two and decided to make a reservation and check it out.  We stayed a week at...

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Colleton State Park – Bounding Around

After spending a week at Edisto Beach State Park we were ready for a change of scenery and a little more adventure.  We decided on Colleton State Park for 2 nights (August 4 and 5) to go on a kayak...

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Huntington Beach State Park – Bounding Around

Austin’s family visits North Litchfield Beach every summer so we booked a week at Huntington Beach State Park to coincide with their trip.  The campground was super convenient to their house and rig...