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"Beautiful but Slightly Oddball"

My first impressions weren't great. The roads coming into the park were bumpy. The state park main road is gravel and *very* washboarded - I drove 5MPH going in. The check-in gate looks abandoned. Park signage is horrible and the loops meander... Read more

Storrie Lake State Park Las Vegas, NM
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Boyink 4 reviews


We booked 5 nights here basically to kill time at a cheap state park. It's...just meh. We didn't find the lake to be that scenic. The park is dusty and run-down. The dumpstation isn't just closed for the winter as a previous review said -... Read more

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Boyink 4 reviews

"Nice, quiet, productive."

We bought the Texas State Park pass so chose this park to be close to an event in Waco. Mother Neff is the oldest Texas State Park - and the original campground was flooded out some years back. That whole section of the park remains closed,... Read more

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Boyink 4 reviews

"Spent two idyllic summers here as seasonals."

As I write this we are nearing the end of our second summer here as seasonal campers. This is a city-owned RV park. It's in the city limits, on Lake Fremont, with a stream running along one end of the campground. The park is mostly seasonals,... Read more
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"Beautiful but Slightly Oddball"
Storrie Lake State Park
Las Vegas, NM
"Nice, quiet, productive."
"Spent two idyllic summers here as seasonals."
Great Sand Dunes National Park

Sand sledding at dusk at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in ColoradoSometimes Plan B ends up looking pretty good.We weren’t supposed to be here.We planned to be in Durango, CO all summer. When we e...

What Happens in Vegas…

Well, nothing really happens in Vegas. Las Vegas, New Mexico that is.‘Course, it might have been the fact that we were in New Mexico in July. We ended up at Storie Lake State Park in Las Vegas, NM for...

Mother Neff State Park

This article was updated on April 04, 2016 We’re doing a small series on state parks in Texas. Overview Mother Neff State Park is located in Moody, along the Leon river. The park offers: 20 Campsites...

Conflict in Fremont | Ditching Suburbia

So there are these two High School gangs in Fremont.  At the first dance in the new high school one of the members of Gang A fell in love with a sister of a member of Gang B. The two gangs were set t...

Fremont Harvest Festival Parade | Ditching Suburbia

This entry was updated on April 08, 2015 So, on my last day working at the shelter, Fremont’s Harvest Parade was happening. Bellwether was scheduled to be in it this year, so I thought, sure, why not...

National Baby Food Festival | Ditching Suburbia

This entry was updated on July 18, 2015 Two things we wanted to do more of since ditching suburbia were volunteering and visiting small-town fairs and festivals.Sadly, we missed the Mike the Headless...

Kinston Chapter One - The Camping | North Carolina | Our Travels | Boyinks4Adventure

Neuseway Nature Park, Campground & Meeting Facility I’ll start our mini-series on the entire reason we ended up here in Kinston, NC - which on the map is about an hour...

Ludington State Park | Michigan | Our Travels | Boyinks4Adventure

Lake MI Sunset at Ludington State Park The current marketing campaign for the State of Michigan is “Pure Michigan”.  Ads like this one feature Michigan native Tim Alle...

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