Lake of the Woods Dump Station
Klamath Falls, OR
"Dump dump"
Tonopah Dispersed
Tonopah, NV
"If you must be in Tonopah..."
Yerington Dump Station
Yerington, NV
"Free dump with potable water"
Log Cabin Rest Area
Yerington, NV
"Free dump, no potable water"
Poncha Market
Poncha Springs, CO
"Tight for some rigs"
Kimball Dump Station
Kimball, NE
"Convenient dump with potable water. Choo choo!"
Castle Dale Dump Station
Castle Dale, UT
"Wide open dump station"
"Nice 4-Lane Dump Station"
"Three lane dump station with potable water - all for free!"
Cascade Chevron
Cascade, ID
"Dump with easy water"
"Sawtooth View Dumping"
Hatchet Teton View
Moran, WY
"Additional Information to Below Review"
Targhee Creek Trailhead
Island Park, ID
"OK, but not "OMG I MUST RETURN" spectacular"
Dubois Dump Station
Dubois, ID
"Easy access dump station with incredible water pressure!"
Henrys Fork RV Dump Station
Island Park, ID
"Dumping with a view"
"Great Dump Station at the State Line"
"Noisy gravel lot with a view"
American Girl Mine Road
Winterhaven, CA
"Stay here if you have to be in Yuma."
"Free, peaceful, beautiful."
"Easy. Free."
"Not a long term spot but is good in a pinch"
"Fine place to dump."
Santa Rita Park
Durango, CO
"Dump dump dump."
Crested Butte RV Dump Station
Crested Butte, CO
"Pretty damn nice municipal dump station/water fill."
"Convient dump and water to the Leadville area"
"Accessible for tent camping and overland-type RVs only"
Gardner Canyon Road
Sonoita, AZ
"MUCH better choices in the immediate area."
"Convient to Phoenix Metro"
Chevron Gas Station
Winterhaven, CA
"Pricey but about the only option in the area..."
Kofa View
Quartzsite, AZ
"Quiet Alternative to Busy Quartzsite"
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Blog Posts

Thumb img 6076
Alta, Wyoming – The Backside of the Tetons

July 2017 After hiding out in Spencer, Idaho for a couple of weeks, I found myself traveling alone and looking for the next place to go. Kelly had to return to Austin for an undetermined amount of t...

Thumb img 6076
Preparing for the Eclipse in Ketchum, Idaho

July/August 2017 On 21 August 2017 there was going to be a total solar eclipse viewable across a narrow band of the United States. A group of nomadic full-time RVing friends had been talking for mon...

Thumb img 6076
West Yellowstone, Montana – Take Two

June 2017 Yellowstone is the natural next destination after the Tetons, considering the two parks essentially butt up against each other. Being people that love doing what others do (if you believe...

Thumb img 6076
Return to Grand Tetons

May 2017 After spending two months in Moab, we were ready for a change of scenery. We’d been in the desert too long. Time to head north. We intended on spending some time in the Grand Junction, Colo...

Thumb img 6076
Moab, Utah – As Beautiful As I Had Hoped

March – May 2017 I’ve been hearing about Moab for years now, and have been looking forward to visiting for quite some time. Finally got the opportunity this spring, and it didn’t disappoint! Moab is...

Thumb img 6076
Valley of the Gods – Mexican Hat, Utah

March 2017 Apparently my neglect of my personal blog continues as I pour all my efforts and energy into our new project. I guess I think making money so I don’t have to move back in with my parents...

Thumb img 6076
I Camped in the Snow and I Liked it!

Snow equals cold and I don’t like the cold. For me to say I camped in the snow and I like it is almost one of those “stop the presses!” moments. Seriously. After leaving Kingman, our caravan of thre...

Thumb img 6076
Taking One for the Team – Kingman, AZ

February 2017 Living on the road is pretty damn awesome. The freedom. Not having obnoxious neighbors you can’t escape. An ever changing backyard. Pretty great. You should try it (or not if you like...

Thumb img 6076
Revisiting an Old Flame – Winterhaven, CA

January/February 2017 I’ve been at this full-time RVing game for coming up on 3 years now and I already see patterns developing. At least a pattern come winter time. For the second January in a row,...

Thumb img 6076
Finding Peace at Rabbit Ears Pass – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

July 2016 Rabbit Ears Pass first came onto my radar when the Watsons wrote about it 2 years ago. It turned out to be the perfect place for me at the perfect time. It’s where I got my head around som...

Thumb img 6076
Getting High in Leadville, Colorado

July/August 2016 Catchy title, eh? Unless you live under a rock, you know that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. But that’s not what I mean by the title of this post. Leadville, Colorado...

Thumb img 6076
Back to Being Social – Crested Butte, Colorado

August 2016 After 6 weeks of alone time I was back in the being social business. The time by myself had been great. Just what I needed. But it was time to get back together with friends, old and new...

Thumb img 6076
Catching Up with Kelly – Bayfield, Colorado

August/September 2016 Kelly had been hanging out in Bayfield (just east of Durango) for a couple of months with a friend, but was itching to get back on the road. I headed down to Bayfield to hang w...

Thumb img 6076
Leaf Peeping in Silverton, Colorado

September/October 2016 Silverton was the first place I stayed in Colorado so it seemed appropriate that it would be one of the last places I’d stay as my summer wrapped up. Kelly and I wanted to see...

Thumb img 6076
New Years 2017 Done Right – Quartzsite, Arizona

I never intended on attending any nomadic gathering for New Years. In fact, I had a place just west of Phoenix picked out as my next stop. But being nomadic means being flexible. So plans were chang...

Thumb img 6076
New Friends & the Start of Time Alone – Twin Lakes, CO

June/July 2016 My summer in Colorado was in full swing and my next destination found me nestled above a couple of lakes. Here I was to start my longest period of time being along, but first, new fri...

Thumb img 6076
Entering Colorado – Silverton, CO

June 2016 The plan was to stay at lower elevations until it got too damn hot then I would head for the hills. The hills of Colorado. Which are actually mountains. But you knew that. I hope. I had wa...

Thumb img 6076
Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah

April 2016 Pictures don’t do it justice. Zion National Park is one of those places that has to be experienced in person. Despite this, I’m going to show you a lot of pictures of Zion. And in an atte...

Thumb img 6076
Red Rock Country – Sedona, Arizona

March/April 2016 The next stop on my “spend the cold months in Arizona” tour was Sedona, a place that I had visited only a couple of times (or maybe only once) during my time living in Phoenix. Back...

Thumb img 6076
Darby Well Road - Ajo, Arizona

I was headed south, fully intending on continuing my “Marshall time” alone, without any of my friends around. Next stop was the Ajo, Arizona area, in a prime piece of BLM land for more boondocking....

Thumb img 6076
Dipping My Toes Back Into Metro Phoenix - Buckeye, Arizona

After six weeks at three different locations to start the year, all of which included a great deal of socializing, I was ready for some down time. Some “Marshall time”. I had an idea where I wanted...

Thumb img 6076
3 Weeks in “Q” - Quartzsite, Arizona

The final stop on my 3-city social tour was Quartzsite, Arizona. Never heard of the place? That is to be forgiven as it is just a tiny spot on the map that Interstate 10 cuts through in extreme west...

Thumb img 6076
Two Weeks with an American Girl - Winterhaven, CA

Shortly after New Year’s Eve a few of us headed east in search of a better Internet connection and ended up in Winterhaven, California. Located in the very southeast corner of the state just outside...

Thumb img 6076
Ringing in the New Year - Borrego Springs, CA

Between Christmas and New Year’s I joined a rather large group of nomads in the Anza Borrego desert. This gathering is becoming an annual event and I wanted to be a part of it this year to see what...

Thumb img 6076
Harris Beach State Recreation Area - Brookings, Oregon

September 2015 Harris Beach State Recreation Area was my last stop on my way down the Oregon coast. As I write these words a few months later, it makes me sad. Truly. I didn’t spend enough time on t...

Thumb img 6076
Cape Blanco State Park - Port Orford, Oregon

September 2015 Next stop on my tour of the Oregon coast was Cape Blanco State Park, a spectacular facility located at the state’s westernmost point, on a bluff about 200 feet above the Pacific Ocean...

Thumb img 6076
Newport, Oregon

September 2015 I needed to see the Oregon coast, so I made a beeline for it. Originally I was going to turn north once I hit the coast and head towards Tillamook for cheese and another aviation muse...

Thumb img 6076
Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum - McMinnville, Oregon

September 2015 The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum has been a place I have wanted to visit for more years than I can remember, for one single reason – the Spruce Goose. Anyone with any interest in...

Thumb img 6076
Portland, Oregon

September 2015 Portland was on my radar for quite sometime, so I had to stay here and do some exploring. While I would have liked to stay a lot longer, I was on a time crunch, so I stayed 6 nights....

Thumb img 6076
Fort Stevens State Park - Hammond, Oregon

August/September 2015 For 7 nights immediately before Labor Day weekend, I stayed at Fort Stevens State Park, on the Oregon side of the mouth of the Columbia River. This served as the perfect base t...

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