Question about Thompson Grove Picnic Area

Elisabeth asked on 2/8/2021

Can you run a generator at Thompson Grove Picnic Area?

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Answered on 7/26/2021:

Yes but evenings are cool so it’s not needed as the sun goes down. There were two other vehicles here so we didn’t plan on running the gennie very long. The other vehicles did not have generators.
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Answered on 7/10/2021:

I ran mine yesterday evening but once the sun goes down it cools off to where you don’t need one.
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Answered on 2/8/2021:

Yes, you may. There is no camp host or anything like that. As someone who doesn't use a generator, I hope you'll limit its use if anyone else is camping there. It's a very quiet, remote area.
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Answered on 2/8/2021:

Yes, we have. Not sure of official rules, but we assume common courtesy guidelines and don’t run it after 10pm-6am.
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Answered on 2/8/2021:

No rule prohibits it, but please be courteous of other campers who may be present and limit the use to reasonable waking hours.